Winner of “Cake & Courtship” by Mark Brownlow

c&c cover

Edited on 26th March

Hello again, unfortunately Erika has not replied even after the extra days I have not been able to recheck the post.

So, Vesper! You were second so you get the prize!!

Could you email me please with your details?


Hello ladies and gents, I do apologise for getting to you a bit later than expected. However, here you have the result of the randomiser to get the winner of Mark Brownlow’s giveaway. I have used

Remember that you have the option to choose from some delicious Viennese chocolates or a copy of Cake & Courtship, that is very juicy as well.

Thanks again to Mark for being with us and for the giveaway he is offering.

Without much ado, congratulations to Erika M Messer!! Erika, please email me your choice of prize and your address to pass to Mark at

Erika, you have five days to answer, in case Erika does not email me in that time, I will choose another winner. So, if you know Erika, let her know!


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