“The Darcy Monologues” is here, check the cover and more! + Giveaway

Yes, I know, we were waiting for this to happen for a few months but it is here now!! You are going to discover the cover of this amazing set of stories from Mr Darcy’s point of view.

The Cover

Christina Boyd, the editor of The Darcy Monologues has some insight to share with us about the cover:

The amazing cover art is the genius of Shari Ryan of MadHat Books. She took the cover concept and created exactly as I envisioned. Shari professionally, quickly, and concisely handled my countless questions, suggestions, and “just one more tweak” in the challenging format of the print interior—even had a special script code written to make it happen. And then when the original concept had to be scrapped because of the print-on-demand company’s limitations that were beyond our control (long, convoluted story only to be shared over strong cocktails), Shari AGAIN created the present cover and interior for both print and e-book. I could not recommend her expertise more!

Multi-talented author Beau North designed the individual fantastic short story graphics for our social media promotions. I think each gives a lovely overall feel for each story. And the color concept I think works well with #TheDarcyMonologues branding, too!

Yes, again,I know, I am delaying the reveal… but here you have!!

TheDarcyMonologuesCoverEbook small

What do you think? that look? those lips? that cravat? that bit of beard? I have to say that I love the contrast of colours as well.

Pre-Order link of The Darcy Monologues (amazon.com)

Pre-Order Link of The Darcy Monologues (amazon.co.uk)

Book Description

 The book blurb reads as follows:

“You must allow me to tell you…”

 For over two hundred years, Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy has captivated readers’ imaginations as the ultimate catch. Rich. Powerful. Noble. Handsome. And yet, as Miss Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” is established through Elizabeth Bennet’s fine eyes, how are we to know what his tortured soul is indeed thinking? How does Darcy progress from “She is tolerable: but not handsome enough to tempt me” to “I thought only of you”? 

 In this romance anthology, fifteen Austen-inspired authors assemble to sketch Darcy’s character through a series of re-imaginings, set in the Regency through contemporary times—from faithful narratives to the fanciful. Herein “The Darcy Monologues”, the man himself reveals his intimate thoughts, his passionate dreams, and his journey to love—all told with a previously concealed wit and enduring charm. 

 Stories by: Susan Adriani, Sara Angelini, Karen M. Cox, J. Marie Croft, Jan Hahn, Jenetta James, Lory LilianKaraLynne Mackrory, Beau North, Ruth Phillips Oakland, Natalie Richards, Sophia Rose, Melanie Stanford, Joana Starnes, and Caitlin Williams.

Pre-Order link of The Darcy Monologues (amazon.com)

Pre-Order Link of The Darcy Monologues (amazon.co.uk)

KaraLynne Mackrory and all the authors

A lovely author who has written a very interesting story on The Darcy Monologues. Check this out:

14 - KaraLynne M

KaraLynne Mackrory is no newbie to the writing world. She made her debut as an author at the tender age of 13 when she wrote her first set of bad poetry. As a young adult, she steered clear of bad prose and achieved a degree in social work. Years later, she has published four Austen inspired novels so full of romantic sensibilities as to give you a swoon and hopefully a few laughs. Her books turned out better than her poetry and are: Falling for Mr. Darcy, Bluebells in the Mourning, the IPPY award-winning Haunting Mr. Darcy, and Yours Forevermore, Darcy.

Follow KaraLynne on Blog   Goodreads   Amazon.com   Amazon UK   Facebook   Twitter

KaraLynne is one of the fifteen authors who have written one of the monologues, let me give you some information about the rest of the authors:

  • Formally trained as a fine artist and illustrator, Susan Adriani discovered her passion for storytelling over a decade after she graduated from a local art college near her childhood home in New England. Susan is the author of The Truth about Mr. Darcy and Darkness Falls upon Pemberley.
  •  Sara Angelini is a lawyer living in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband, three kids, two dogs, a frog, some fish, and a few hundred stick bugs. She never went to veterinary school but if she had, she would have been a true proficient. She enjoys writing from Darcy’s point of view in a way that shows his humor and vulnerability. Her first book, The Trials of the Honorable F. Darcy, was published in 2008. She is the co-founder of http://www.austenunderground.com, where her other Pride and Prejudice-inspired works can be read.
  • Karen M Cox is an award-winning author of four novels accented with romance and history: 1932, Find Wonder in All Things, At the Edge of the Sea, and Undeceived. She also wrote “Northanger Revisited 2015”, which appeared in the anthology Sun-Kissed: Effusions of Summer. Originally from Everett, Washington, Karen now lives in Central Kentucky with her husband, works as a pediatric speech pathologist, encourages her children, and spoils her granddaughter. Like Austen’s Emma, Karen has many hobbies and projects she doesn’t quite finish, but like Elizabeth Bennet, she aspires to be a great reader and an excellent walker.
  • J. Marie Croft is a self-proclaimed word nerd and adherent of Jane Austen’s quote “Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery.’ Bearing witness to her fondness for Pride and Prejudice, wordplay, and laughter are Joanne’s light-hearted novel, Love at First Slight, a Babblings of a Bookworm Favourite Read of 2014, her humorous short story, “Spyglasses and Sunburns,” in the Sun-Kissed: Effusions of Summer anthology, and a playful novella, A Little Whimsical in His Civilities, Just Jane 1813’s Favorite JAFF Novella of 2016.
  • Award-winning writer Jan Hahn is the author of four Austen-inspired novels. She studied music at the University of Texas but discovered her true love was a combination of journalism and literature. Her first book, An Arranged Marriage, was published in 2011, followed by The Journey, The Secret Betrothal, and A Peculiar Connection. She agrees with Mr. Darcy’s words in Pride and Prejudice: “A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.” She is a member of the Jane Austen Society of North America, lives in Texas, has five children and a gaggle of gorgeous grandchildren.
  • Jenetta James is a mother, lawyer, writer, and taker-on of too much. She grew up in Cambridge and read history at Oxford University where she was a scholar and president of the Oxford University History Society. After graduating, she took to the law and now practices full time as a barrister. Over the years, she has lived in France, Hungary and Trinidad as well as her native England. Jenetta currently lives in London with her husband and children where she enjoys reading, laughing and playing with Lego. She is the author of Suddenly Mrs. Darcy and The Elizabeth Papers.
  • Lory Lilian fell in love with Pride and Prejudice thirty-three years ago and discovered the charm of Jane Austen fanfiction exactly twenty years later. She lives in Bucharest, Romania, is a proud mother of an amazing daughter, and addicted to anything Austen. After a career in business, she dedicates her time to reading and writing. Lory is the author of six bestselling books: Rainy Days, Remembrances of the Past, His Uncle’s Favorite, The Perfect Match, Sketching Mr. Darcy, The Rainbow Promise, and A Man with Faults. JAFF readers call her the “Queen of Hot Mush” and she loves it.
  • Beau North is the author of Longbourn’s Songbird, The Many Lives of Fitzwilliam Darcy, and a contributor to the anthology Then Comes Winter. Beau is a native southerner who now calls Portland, Oregon home with her husband and two cats. She attended the University of South Carolina where she began a lifelong obsession with literature. In her spare time, Beau is the co-host of the podcast Excessively Diverted: Modern Austen Onscreen.
  • Mild-mannered business woman by day, hopeless romantic by night, Ruth Phillips Oakland was always a fan of the fictional gentleman from Derbyshire, but it was her discovery of Jane Austen fanfiction in 2006 that inspired Ruth to become a writer. Ruth has written dozens of short stories posted online and the published novel entitled, My BFF. Ruth lives in New England with her favourite husband of over thirty years and is thrilled to be included in this anthology with so many of her favourite authors and friends.
  • Natalie Richards is a writer, blogger, and singer. She started her book review blog, Songs & Stories, in late 2010 after falling in love with Jane Austen fanfiction. Her writing can also be found on Figment, the Darcy & Lizzy Forum, TeenInk Magazine, and in the Austenesque anthologies Sun-Kissed: Effusions of Summer and Then Comes Winter. She resides with her family in the Oregon countryside and currently works as a waitress and babysitter.
  • Sophia Rose is a native Californian currently residing in Michigan. A long-time Jane Austen fan, she is a contributing author to Sun-Kissed: Effusions of Summer and Then Comes Winter anthologies. Sophia’s love for writing began as a teen writing humorous stories submitted for creative writing class and high school writing club. Writing was set aside while Sophia pursued degrees and certificates in education, special education, family history, and social work leading to a rewarding career. Health issues led to reduced work hours and an opportunity to read, beta, and review books, and return to writing stories that lean toward the humorous side and always end with a happily ever after.
  • Melanie Stanford reads too much, plays music too loud, is sometimes dancing, and always daydreaming. She would also like her very own TARDIS, but only to travel to the past. She lives in Canada with her husband and four kids. She is the author of SWAY, a retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, shortlisted for the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize, and the short story “Becoming Fanny” featured in the anthology Then Comes Winter. Her second novel, Collide, inspired by Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South, is coming soon. You can find her at melaniestanfordbooks.com, on Twitter @MelMStanford, and on Facebook @ MelanieStanfordauthor.
  • Joana Starnes lives in the south of England with her family. Over the years, she has swapped several hats—physician, lecturer, clinical data analyst—but feels most comfortable in a bonnet. She has been living in Georgian England for decades in her imagination and plans to continue in that vein till she lays hands on a time machine. She is the author of seven Austen-inspired novels: From This Day Forward ~ The Darcys of Pemberley, The Subsequent Proposal, The Second Chance, The Falmouth Connection, The Unthinkable Triangle, Miss Darcy’s Companion, and Mr Bennet’s Dutiful Daughter. You can connect with Joana through her website http://www.joanastarnes.co.uk/ and on Facebook via All Roads Lead to Pemberley.
  • Caitlin Williams is an award-winning author of two novels, Ardently and the best-selling The Coming of Age of Elizabeth Bennet, both of which spin the plot of Pride and Prejudice around but keep the characters just the same. Originally from South London, Caitlin spent thirteen years as a detective in the Metropolitan Police but is currently on a break from Scotland Yard so she can spend more time at home with her two children and write. She now lives in Kent, where she spends a lot of time daydreaming about Mr. Darcy, playing with dinosaurs, and trying not to look at the laundry pile.

* Christina Boyd wears many hats as she is an editor under her own banner The Quill Ink, a contributor to Austenprose, and a ceramicist and proprietor of Stir Crazy Mama’s Artworks. A life member of the Jane Austen Society of North America, Christina lives in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with her dear Mr. B, two busy teenagers, and a retriever named BiBi. Visiting Jane Austen’s England was made possible by her book boyfriend and star crush Henry Cavill when she won a trip to meet him on the London Eye in the spring of 2017.

Time to Give Away

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These giveaways will take place from March 27 – April 21, 2017. Both giveaways are international.

Both winners will be announced on April 22nd, 2017.

1) One winner will be selected to win a Kindle Fire with Alexa, and a 7” display.

All entries will be entered through the Rafflecopter links shown below:

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How to participate on this second giveaway?? Read carefully:

To enter this giveaway, readers will create a Pinterest Board named The Darcy Monologues and post all fifteen story images from the cover reveals, one per each author included in the anthology, and Tweet the board on Twitter. The Tweet must include the hashtag, #TheDarcyMonologues.

Pre-Order link of The Darcy Monologues (amazon.com)

Pre-Order Link of The Darcy Monologues (amazon.co.uk)

The Darcy Monologues Blog Tour Schedule

Very soon the tour starts and you cannot miss anything!!

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REVIEW of “Loving Longest” by Lisa Van Gemert

Loving Longest by Lisa Van Gemert is a modern variation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion where we find:

  • Emma, a young widow and passionate English teacher and,
  • Adam, a police officer closed to trust or love

“Thanks” to a meth lab exploding in Emma’s neighbourhood, both characters meet, well, Adam meets a bleeding face, Emma’s face. As Emma lives alone, Adam has to track down from her home to her school and then to Emma’s sister Amy to find someone to take care of her. However, Adam eventually takes care of Barrett, Emma’s dog while she is in hospital. When Emma is back home, he offers to walk Barrett every morning as Emma is not able to do it, she agrees.

A strong attraction between them is forming and they start dating after being honest with each other and saying that they are not a full person to give. We know about Emma’s late husband, better said, at this point we know part of his marriage but we do not know anything about Adam’s past.

They fall in love and they are very happy although some days they barely see each other due to work, so they are just stealing moments to be together. However they are happy knowing each other and loving each other.

Before Thanksgiving, Adam asks her to spend the holiday with him and his family and she agrees. Barbara, Adam’s mother is not very welcoming, let’s say that everything she does or says looks like she hates Emma even when she has just met her. One of the afternoons they are in New York, Emma overhears a conversation between Adam’s parents and Adam where Barbara tries to convince Adam that Emma is not appropriate for him and she even implies that there might be something “dark”  on Emma’s husband’s death. Emma cannot believe what she is listening to and she is so shocked about Barbara’s implication that she almost misses the part when Adam declares that he is going to ask her to marry him.

Our Anne Elliot cannot think about having a happy marriage when her “mother-in-law” just hates her and she cannot put Adam on the situation where he has to choose between her and his family because part of his family hates her. Even when Adam keeps telling her that he chooses her. However, Emma cannot do that to him or to herself, so they break up.

A couple of years later, Emma encounters Becca, Adam’s sister, and Becca tells her about her teaching career and that she is going back to NY for his brother’s wedding. Emma’s heart breaks even more now because she knows that’s the end to any hope, Adam is lost to her.

Emma just needs to go on with her life: her job that she loves, her sister and nieces and nephew, her friends, her knitting and after some time she starts travelling as she does lectures on cruises. (I found this quite interesting!)

Six years after she met Becca, Emma is in a cruise around the British Isles and she has several presentations prepared about Jane Austen, George Elliot and Charles Dickens.

Her first conference is about Jane Austen and when she is reading Captain Wentworth’s letter to Anne, a person comes in the theatre and locks eyes with her: Adam. OMG! Yes, it is Adam and he listens to her reading:”Tell me not that I am too late, that such precious feelings are gone for ever.

That cruise becomes extremely awkward because not only Adam is there, also his whole family… even Barbara. I need to say that (mini-spoiler) that Adam is not married! Becca has two brothers and she never specified nor Emma asked.

For the most romantic readers, this does not exactly become a Love Boat trip or at least it is not a love cruise where our protagonist end together… not exactly at least.

Our protagonists will have more heartache to live but…

Spoiler alert! 😛

happy ending will eventually arrive but it will be very difficult. There is too much complication for them and too much suffering even before they met.

Religion is a key part on the lives of Emma and Adam, I found it very nice but I know there are a few of you who do not like this topic on books. Trust me that it is not too much at all and I really enjoyed the wedding as Adam is Jewish and Emma Catholic. It is a lovely and funny wedding 🙂

4.5out5 stars

If you would like to buy the book, go to:

Amazon UK               Amazon US

Lisa Van Gemert is also a educator and she has her own website  dedicated to her job. As a teacher myself, I recommend it. You can follow her on Facebook or Twitter.



REVIEW of “45 dias na Europa com Sr Darcy” by Moira Bianchi

Engraçado e muito carioca 🙂

I have been a few months going after this book by Moira Bianchi as I would have loved to get the paperback in Portuguese, however I eventually bought the ebook as it was easier for me to get it. (You can get the English version as well: 45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy)

As some of you know I am Spanish but half Portuguese and reading a modern variation of Pride and Prejudice in Portuguese was a great inducement for me. I know it is written in Brazilian Portuguese and I am not used to it, but I found it very entertaining and fresh.

However, you would like to know my opinion of 45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy instead of me jabbering about how awesome Portuguese is 😉


Lizzy Bennett (yes, two ts) is a Brazilian-English student of tourism and she has a very popular blog where thousands of people follow her advice when it comes to travelling. She has drawn the attention of a big hotel chain thanks to her dear friend Charlotte who is working now for them.

Will Darcy is a young heir who is having one or two gap years before facing the “adult” world and take control of the foundation that her mother created among other businesses.

Lizzy travels to Amsterdam and while having dinner with her angelical sister Jane and her dear friend Charlotte and some other friends, they meet some “British” who apart from one, are a bit too snob. First impressions normally are not correct but we tend to follow them.

This Darcy is very similar to Jane Austen’s Darcy but with the big difference of the centuries in between. For instance when Lizzy appears in her sport outfit sweaty and with “sparkling eyes” at the main reception of the luxurious hotel, Caroline Bingley says that Darcy will never let Georgie appear like that in public and Darcy answers: “It’s impossible to control other people’s actions” (what a change!).

During the book we can see how their relationship or non-relationship evolves and how Darcy eventually is always there when she may be in need of “rescuing”, for instance in the park in Amsterdam, or after eating something in a coffee shop that may not be legal in other places, or in Italy when some wellies are needed, etc.

Lizzy is against Darcy because he is always looking grumpy around her and he is normally staring at her. She also discovers that he is the “insufferable brother” who split George Wickham and Georgie… Georgie does not answer her emails and texts and she starts being confused not for what Darcy did but for what she is not able to admit to herself.

Then Wickham is back on scene when he “goes with” Lydia to Germany to a rave, just remember that Lizzy and her family live in Brazil, so it is not a two-hour flight. As it happens in P&P, Darcy is there to help.

She is sooo stubborn! yes, he is a bit snob but this Lizzy is annoying… until they cannot fight more against themselves and finally get together. However, not everything ends here, we have to remember that he lives at Pemberley (an awesome house with hidden passages *wink wink*) and she lives in Ipanema… there is a whole ocean in between.

Moreover, even when they are together and their love is very powerful, there are still misunderstandings and jealousy, this Darcy is very jealous and Lizzy keeps confounding Darcy’s meanings.

Spoiler alert!

There is HEA ending and it is very nice.

FYI: there are erotic/sexual scenes and I know that not everyboy likes them.


As I normally do, I will leave you some questions to intensify your curiosity: what if Georgie is not exactly who you think the character is? What if Mrs. Bennett is not crazy about marrying her daughters? What if Italy is so amazing and romantic as I know it is? What if Wickham has some preferences you have never though about? What if this book makes you want to travel to all those countries? What happens if you can even like a bit Lady C.?

4.5out5 stars

If you would like to follow this author, you can follow Moira on:  45days

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To buy her books, you could go to:

Amazon UK                    Amazon US

REVIEW of “Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth” by Colette L. Saucier

Colette L. Saucier‘s Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth, the sequel to Pulse and Prejudice narrates the first year of marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy. What could go wrong?

Elizabeth and Darcy’s life after the wedding is anything but dull: passion, love and sex but also jealousy, love triangle, arguments and blood, a lot of blood.

Elizabeth and Darcy are totally in love but life is not easy when you are married to a vampire, even if he is the “divine” Mr. Darcy. In Pride and Prejudice, we get to know the strength and depth of Darcy’s feeling but quoting the author from Babblings of a Bookworm “in Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth, he repeatedly demonstrates both his passion and his possessiveness for Elizabeth as his new bride“, in DBE Darcy’s love is even more powerful and also scary.

Darcy supposedly does not drink from humans but he will protect Elizabeth at any price, he will do anything to protect her even if that is something that can cost him her love. I do not want to spoil this part of the story but I will mention that Darcy does something that makes Elizabeth rethink her heart while he is tormented thinking that she hates him. It is a passage on the book where Elizabeth’s thoughts are very unclear and her heart does not know what to do after that episode. Colette has describe Elizabeth’s turmoil in a great way and you can even understand Elizabeth’s internal fight, brain and heart opposed.

In the meantime, our protagonists receive the news that Mr. George Wickham has been killed in the war in America. Lydia Wickham, née Bennet, is destroyed but not everyone believes the news as Elizabeth and Darcy know that Wickham has the same condition as Darcy. Lydia is even more distressed as she is pregnant and she returns to Longbourn, her family’s home.

Before going to Longbourn for Lydia’s confinement, the Darcys are in London and Elizabeth is still healing her heart wounds and she starts drinking while Darcy is like a caged wild animal in his own house. Colonel Fitzwilliam, Darcy’s cousin, tries again to convince Elizabeth to go away from Darcy because according to him Darcy is dangerous but even in her state, she stays with her husband.

While in London, Darcy receives the visit of a dwarf, not a human but a dhampir (born from a human mother and a vampire father). This character did his first appearance on Pulse and Prejudice and now he comes back to put Darcy’s life upside down. He threatens Darcy with revealing his secret if he does not go to America to kill Wickham, as he thinks he will create a coven of vampires. So Darcy is forced to go but what to do? Elizabeth has just lost her sister after giving birth and she wants to go with him. Here starts the second part of the book because  to America they go but it is not easy, as a couple they are not back to normal sometimes and society there does not make their stay easy at the beginning. However, with the arrival of Colonel Fitzwilliam, now Mr. Fitzwilliam, as he has sold his commission and he is finally engaged to Mina, an English woman with a French title who grants them entry in society and invitations flow to the Darcys.

However, this arrival is not a happy one for everybody. A vampire Darcy with the love of his curse life gets to know the green monster of jealousy and the result can be very steamy.  Colette Saucier knows how to solve a fight with your hubby 😉 Although at the same time Darcy became very annoying, I wanted to slap him on the face!

I have not forgotten about Wickham, because they have cross the ocean to look for him, they find him but I am not going to give any details about what happens next because it is just incredibly awesome!

I will just leave you with a few questions to try to pique your curiosity:

What if you could not stop loving Darcy even when he is being a  complete obstinate headstrong and stupid man? What happens when you don’t want to accept your own fate but eventually it ends in an eternal love?



It is almost Halloween and I was doing a bit of google images research and I found this lovely necklace, I quite like it, a vampire’s bite…

5out5 stars

To buy this passionate and sensual book, go to:

Kindle US     Nook       Kobo      iBooks       Kindle UK

If you want to follow Colette L. Saucier, follow her on:





REVIEW of “The Elizabeth Papers” by Jenetta James

I am going to be a bit naughty and I will start the review of this book with a negative comment: it is far too short. I wrote it, that’s it. I would have loved to read two hundred pages more!

Jenetta James was so extremely kind as to offer me a copy of her book in exchange of a honest review and here you have it. I do apologise for taking so long but life got in the middle.

If you like books like The Da Vinci Code  by Dan Brown or The Eight by Katherine Neville + Jane Austen, you will love this book. The Elizabeth Papers features two intertwined storylines set two centuries apart where the protagonist of the 19th century are Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy, yes, the characters from Pride and Prejudice. Whereas the protagonists from the 21st century are Charlie Haywood, a private detective, and Evie Pemberton, a young artist.

Both Charlie and Evie come together due to a Darcy Trust that gives money to all Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy’s female descendants. But why? Why only the women and what does Charlie and Evie have to do with it?

In order to know the reasons behind that trust, Charlie investigates to know the truth and what will make this book awesome is a secret diary written by Elizabeth Darcy about her life and her secrets. Do you believe that Darcy and Elizabeth were always happy? Do you think that there was no betrayal or infidelity? Are you of the opinion that Elizabeth and Darcy were happy ever after their double wedding with the lovely couple of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bingley?

You must read this book and discover it for yourself. There will be moments of disbelief and incredulity but you will have to keep reading and find out why does this trust exists and what happened to the protagonists of, I believe, the most famous novel by Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice.

I want to also mention a bit more about Charlie and Evie: there is mistrust, there is chemistry, there is attraction, there is pain but eventually things get better for them after they solve the enigma of The Elizabeth Papers. However, will there be a happy ending for the 21st century characters?

I recommend you to go directly to your usual bookshop and buy this book. It is easier to go online and get a ebook copy or a paperback. You can find The Elizabeth papers on:

Amazon UK       Amazon US       Amazon ES (English version)      BN     Book Depository

Moreover, follow Jenetta James to see what else she is writing.

Facebook       Goodreads      Meryton Press     Twitter

She has another novel: Suddenly Mrs. Darcy, it is on my to-be-read list and it is very intriguing because Mrs. Bennet declares that Mr. Darcy has compromised Elizabeth and they must marry. (I have checked and it is only 170 pages… guess who is going to complain about that on her review 😉 )

5out5 stars


REVIEW of “Swimming in Rain” by Heather C. Myers

Swimming in Rain is a modern variation of Pride and Prejudice written by Heather C. Myers.

I have liked this book a lot but I have to be honest and mention that at the beginning I was not liking Ronnie Bixby 100%. Marion or as she prefers to be called, Ronnie, is our “Elizabeth Bennet”. She is a 18-years old girl who studies a major in English Lit. She is a Obstinate, headstrong girl! but there are a few moments on the first half of the book where his stubbornness or misapprehension of Aiden Shawe (aka. Darcy) is not totally 21st-century-realistic. Heather C. Myers has tried to be as true to the text of Jane Austen as possible and twice or thrice I have found it a bit unnatural for the modern version.

Nevertheless, I have already mentioned that I have enjoy the book so I will tell you a bit about it.

Ronnie and her older sister Taylor are looking for a roommate and a lovely 18-years-old Hannah is the “chosen” one. The sisters became very quickly attached to the newcomer, she comes from England to study at UCI and she is as “crazy” as Ronnie and they share a lot of interests. Hannah invites them to a party at her brother’s best friend’s house. At the party Ronnie and Taylor meet Hannah’s brother, Aiden, and his friend, Stephen, as well as Stephen’s sister, Farrah.

Stephen has a instant crush on Taylor and he does not leave her side. Hannah and Ronnie go straight to the dance floor and enjoy themselves. When Ronnie stops to have a short rest, she ends up nearby Aiden and she simply ask him if he dances. He is apparently an arrogant stupid man that slights her with a no. She is furious but she tries to avoid him.

This party does not go very well as Taylor has food poisoning and Aiden is the one that has to take them home and Stephen quickly invites them back as soon as Taylor is recovered.

They say first impressions are not always right but here you have Ronnie and Aiden’s first impressions or each other:

Ronnie after a couple of encounters with Aiden she says:

This is all Aiden Shawe’s fault. I mean, I don’t like him. In fact, I loathe him. I hate him. I detest him and everything in between.

Aiden’s description of Ronnie or Marion as he always calls her:

Marion Bixby was the rudest, most ridiculous person he had ever met in his entire life and he hoped he would never have to see her again.

As you can imagine, their paths are going to cross more than what they wish for. Ronnie’s best friend becomes the girlfriend of Ronnie’s neighbour who used to have a crush or Ronnie. He is a bit of a silly, ridiculous person but Kelly likes him a lot. Paul is his name, he works for a Mrs. Solomon that happens to be Aiden and Hannah’s aunt. When Kelly follows Paul to the opening of the last art gallery that Mrs. Solomon has. Paul is like a teacher’s pet with her and the reason why Kelly is travelling with him is because Kelly needs the approval of Paul’s boss!! However, the important part of this trip is that Ronnie and Aiden get together again and a lot of very interesting and nice things happen, well not all of them. Here you have a couple of pictures to enlighten, or confuse you about those days that they spent together (I will ot tell you more because I do not want to make any spoliers). I will just mention that a karaoke can be a very funny activity when you have people visitin your Pemeberley.


More about other characters: there is a Wickham but he does not seem as awful at the end as he may be seen at the beginning. As you may have deduced, Lady Catherine is Mrs. Solomon and she is despicable and old-fashioned in a snob way. The rest of the sisters are Erin,  and the twins Kat and Megan. They are a handful but you may be surprised about who is who compared to Pride and Prejudice. Mr. and Mr. Bixby are quite interesting although they do not have a major role but I have to say that Mrs. Bixby at the end is even moving.

4out5 stars

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I highly recommend the other novel that I have read so far by Heather: The Four Sides of a Triangle. I have not review it yet, I think I will reread it again for you to have a good review.