REVIEW of “With Pen in Hand” by Melanie Schertz

So far I have only read two of Melanie Schertz‘s books, although I have a few more waiting on my kindle waiting for me to read but I would need days of 40 hours! Apart from With Pen in Hand, I have read Darcy’s Continental Escape and I really liked it. I have liked With Pen in Hand, however, it is too sugary for me. Spoiler below 😉

Elizabeth and Darcy end up together and obviously that’s great but I was missing more misunderstandings between them, I missed a bit of difficulty for them to get together.

The book relates how Elizabeth saves her family after a fire destroyed almost all Longbourn. Elizabeth is in London and  writes books and earns a lot of money that she sends home for repairs and she provides a good education for her younger sisters. Every single member of her family is extremely proud and thankful and Elizabeth, keeping her name under a pseudonym. Elizabeth, with the help of his uncle Gardiner, earns even more money with investments. Elizabeth and the Gardiners move to a bigger house in a “better” place of London.

Everything goes smooth apart from an initial “pride and prejudice” moment between them but it passes very quick. The book is like a walk in the clouds, that is nice, but maybe too much. We cannot forget about Wickham, he appears and he is indeed mean and despicable but everything is resolved quickly and our protagonists carry on with their story.

It is a pleasant read with really nice scenes, I will recommend the ones about giving bottles of Port in exchange of dances or Darcy fainting… you need to read to understand!

3.5out5 stars

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REVIEW of “For Peace of Mind” by Leenie Brown

Love is in the air!! Love is all around!! John Paul John and Wet Wet Wet’s  songs’ titles  totally reflect this book. This book is about love and not only the love between Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. There is a lot of love to share!

I received a Advance Reader Copy in exchange of an honest review. I got the book some time ago but I made the mistake of not passing the file to my kindle and it was still waiting on my email. Fortunately, I found it, read it and I had a great time 🙂

When Elizabeth refuses to marry Mr. Collins, her dad decides that it will be wise to send Elizabeth to London with Jane… for his peace of mind.

There she encounters Mr. Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam during a shopping outing with Jane and their aunts. Destiny comes to show that they actually know each other but maybe not in person as Darcy does businesses with Mr. Gardiner as well as Richard’s father, Lord Matlock. Mr. Gardiner is well esteemed and respected and he has a extremely important role on Mr. Bingley’s success…

Meetings come along and I will just point out that the encounters are lovely and endearing not only for the sparks but also for the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner’s offspring. There is a little gentleman who takes care of “his Lizzy” and does not allow anyone to approach her. Mr. Darcy has a powerful rival or adversary that he needs to prove his worth to in order to “be allowed” to court her.

However, although the vast majority of the book is about happiness, love, teasing, friendship and family, we need a baddie, and who will be a “better baddie” in this story than the scoundrel and blackguard of George Wickham?? He is despicable, I cannot even start describing his role in this story!! Even if the “length” of his part is not very long, it is more than enough!!

Back to a happy note, I mentioned teasing, happiness, family, love and friendship because you will find a lot from the very beginning. It is quite refreshing to read Richard and Charles teasing Darcy and Darcy not being all serious, he starts from the very beginning to be a bit more open and later on the book he can be fun with answers to comment. What we can see is three male friends who even share a laugh or can talk a bit about their hearts. In addition there are some stories about the eldest Bennet sisters when growing up and being a handful, always within reason but not letting others, mainly boys, to underestimate them.

I will just recommend you to read this charming book where love is essential and friendship and family are key.

I will leave you with a couple of teasers:

  1. Lady Catherine can surprise you after being confronted by Elizabeth and being threaten to be loved against her will.
  2. A short dialogue between Elizabeth and Darcy:

“Why Mr. Darcy, ” she said, colour staining her cheeks, “are you flirting with me, sir?”

“I believe I am, Miss Elizabeth.”



4.5out5 stars

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REVIEW of “Still a Young Man” by P.O. Dixon

Still a Young Man: Darcy is in Love is one of my top 10 JAFF books with a what if about the characters in Pride and PrejudiceP.O. Dixon is one of the first JAFF authors I discovered and I have read most of her work and I highly recommend it.

At the beginning of the story we found Elizabeth marrying Mr. Calbry, one of her favourites, according to everyone who knew them, but he dies after six months. Elizabeth is sent away by her husband’s family and she goes to live with her newly wed sister, Jane Bingley.

Elizabeth shows herself as the perfect mourning widow during a year and one day, after that time, she wants to live again.

Mrs. Elizabeth Calbry is back to society with her sister and brother and she is the new “attraction” of the ton, a pretty young widow. Although she is not in possession of a fortune, she is seen as a experienced and woman in possible need of a man, maybe not to marry but to “share her experience”. This is how some so-called gentlemen see her, but not all of them. Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, Elizabeth’s brother’s best friend, is amazed with her and he wants to protect her even if she does not want him to do it.

Mrs. Calbry dislikes Mr. Darcy from the first moment of her acquaintance due to his words and his questions about her life and also due to the information, or misinformation, given by a childhood friend of Fitzwilliam. Everything she knows together with her own opinion, show Darcy in a bad light but that starts changing when Elizabeth sees herself entangled in a dishonourable event where she was going to be the only victim. Fortunately for her, Darcy keeps his own promise to protect her and he arrives just in time to avoid further harm to Elizabeth.

From that moment onwards, they begin spending time together and become fast friends, they share a lot of nice moments together and after Darcy saved her from that entanglement, he wants something back, he wants her to sped the summer at Pemberley, his house, with him and obviously with Jane and Charles Bingley. Elizabeth cannot deny him and she is happy to oblige, she is eager to spend more time with him. However, her feelings are changing and she is unsecure, he is a younger man and she is a widow. She can see the mutual attraction and she decides to offer herself as his lover just once. Unfortunately, this is quite common among the ton, widows sometimes look for lovers to have their needs covered. Elizabeth knows that she could only have Darcy as her lover. Eventually, when they are in Pemberley, she gathers all her courage and tells him to go to her that night. He is puzzled, bewildered but hopeful at the same time. He loves Elizabeth and he just wants her to feel the same for him and share their life.

As you already know, with this couple, nothing is easy or goes smooth. It will be very difficult to see them together but (SPOILER ALERT!) with a lot of patience, time and people who love them, they will find happiness but, as I mentioned, it will not be easy at all!

“You are mistaken. You know nothing about me”, she protested.

“What more do I need to know, Elizabeth… other than I love you with all my heart?”


I normally write now “what ifs” questions but I will leave you with that tiny bit of conversation and three important words from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice that came to mind several times while reading this book: Obstinate, headstrong girl!


5out5 stars

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REVIEW of “Bewitched, body and soul” by P.O. Dixon

P.O. Dixon is one of the JAFF authors I have read the most. I may have read around 80% of her writing, that is quite extensive, and I keep liking everything she writes.

Bewitched, body and soul is one of my favourites by P.O. Dixon, I have just reread it to write this review. In this book you can see the strong willed Elizabeth Bennet who goes to town in order to look for Mr. Bingley and tell him or make him understand that her sister Jane is in love with him.

She is not very successful because she encounters Miss Bingley and also Mr. Darcy but there is no way of finding her sister’s heart’s desire. Jane Bennet is not the same one as she was since he left the neighbourhood, she rarely is in company of her family members and she does not even dares to go to Meryton.

Elizabeth is determined and after going to Mr. Bingley’s house and have no success on seeing him, she decides to go to Mr. Darcy’s house to seek assistance from the serious and haughty friend of Bingley. You can imagine how inappropriate was this visit for two reasons: she was unchaperoned and he was the only person in his house. They are totally alone and she collapses due to a temporal illness. He takes care of her and she wakes up in the mistress’ bedroom without recalling any event from the previous night.

She is ill but as she is a headstrong girl, she flees from Darcy House to her relatives. She is fuming and very angry with Darcy for two reasons, again: he does not want to help her regarding her sister’s relationship with Bingley and she realises the unladylike behaviour she had going to the house of an unmarried man.

However, she has seen a different man, still a bit arrogant but caring as well. She is a bit confused but avoids thinking about it. At this point  Elizabeth is “indifferent” to Mr. Darcy or that is what she wants to believe but there is already something not clear for her.

What must it be like seeing him again? Elizabeth frowned. Why am I always thinking of him?

Elizabeth’s aunt, Mrs. Gardiner, has a family member, Lady Susan, that wants to be like a sponsor for Elizabeth. Elizabeth accepts with the hope of finding Mr. Bingley in any social event during the Season. Among other people, Lady Susan introduces Lady Gwendolen Helmsley to Elizabeth and they get on well with each other.

Lady Gwendolen is the sister of one of Mr. Darcy’s oldest friends and she is hoping to catch Mr. Darcy, she fancies herself in love with him. She is actually quite nice until she sees some rivalry and tries to overcome it. This rivalry is seen during the getaway in her country house and the person that seems to get Mr. Darcy’s attention is her new friend Elizabeth Bennet. Lady Gwendolen is not happy and seeks, as usual when Darcy is concerned, help from his brother.

Rumours can destroy the reputation of a person and even more if those rumours point to a fallen woman, Elizabeth Bennet… When Darcy is informed about those gossips he is as usual, honourable and asks Elizabeth to marry him, to placate the malicious reports and also because he loves Elizabeth.

Nevertheless, Elizabeth refuses him! why? on what account she refuses the person who wants to protect her and claims a profound admiration and love for her?

Does Elizabeth see Mr. Bingley? When and where do they meet again (both Charles and Jane and Elizabeth and Darcy)? Do they solve their problems? Lady Catherine is going to be around, how will she behave? Is Wickham going to make an appearance as usual or not?


Read the book and see what else is happening to the eternal Darcy and Elizabeth.


A teaser to get you into the book:

“I must confess I am relieved to hear it. I had not put the matter completely out of my mind.”

“Trust me, Miss Elizabeth, I am relieved, as well, much more than you know.”

“Why is that, sir?”

“Because, the next time I offer you my hand in marriage, I intend to go about it entirely differently.”


If you want to find out more about this book and P.O. Dixon‘s work, check her Twitter and Facebook. If I have to choose my favourite book by her, I will choose Still a young man: Darcy is in love. I will reread it, for the third time, and review it for you to like it at least half as much as I do like it 🙂

You can buy her books on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

4.5out5 stars

REVIEW of “From Admiration to Love” by April Floyd

The only regret that I have is that From Admiration to Love by April Floyd is just a novella. I would have liked to read the admiration to love in more detail, with more encounters and more feelings before the nightmare.

My highlight from From Admiration to Love is Lady Anne DarcyI have read several variations where Mr. Darcy, the father, has an important role but I was missing reading about Lady Anne Darcy, the mother of our beloved Mr. Fiztwilliam Darcy.

Elizabeth lives with Mr. and Mrs. Bingley in a state that borders Pemberley. As Elizabeth is very fond of walking she goes to Pemberley grounds quite a lot. She has not seen Mr. Darcy since the day of Jane’s wedding and she only knows that something horrible has happened to make him and his mother mourn. The haughty Darcy is just “a shadow” of that man that picked her interest even when he was uncivil.

In one of her ramblings, she decides to refresh her feet in one of Pemberley lakes, she trips and she sees herself “fished” by some footman at the order of Lady Anne Darcy. The lady barely left her rooms during her mourning but from a window she saw Elizabeth in danger. Elizabeth is rescued and fortunately Mr. Darcy is not at home. I write fortunately because Elizabeth wants his good opinion. The following morning, Darcy encounters Elizabeth in his house! He sees how good Elizabeth is for his mother in only a few hours and his admiration, that comes from his time at Netherfield, grows.

During the days that Elizabeth stays at Pemberley, including visit of Jane Bingley, the admiration from Darcy and Elizabeth becomes love and Darcy is so bold as to ask:

“Miss Elizabeth, I hope you do not find my question impertinent, but is there a young man in all of Hertfordshire with any claim to your heart?”

Before their love can be continued at Pemberley, Elizabeth receives a letter from her father urging her to come back to Longbourn, he does not state the reasons but she reckons it will not be anything awful as he does not mention it.

Lady Anne and Mr. Darcy go to London while Elizabeth and the Bingleys go to Longbourn. Darcy will go to Hertfordshire to speak to Mr. Bennet after finishing in the capital city.

However, problems start here, felicity and joy stops in the novella to find: family mistakes, kidnapping, attempts to marriage without consent, lies, danger, frustration, threats, death, etc.

I am not going to explain more but the baddies are multiple and poor Elizabeth suffers a lot and she faces danger. Would Mr. Darcy save her on time? Would Lady Anne have another daughter to cheer her up and take care of? Would Elizabeth survive it all?

April Floyd has been so kind as to give copies of this novella to several fans. You can also follow her on twitter and you can buy her books both on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

4.5out5 stars

REVIEW of “The Houseguest” by Elizabeth Adams

What a torture if you have the love of your life at home during three weeks and you are clueless of how to behave! (apart from a gentleman-like manner, obviously!)

The Houseguest by Elizabeth Adams is a very nice variation of Pride and Prejudice that starts after the Netherfield ball and we can see an active Georgiana asking her brother permission to go and visit him and Mr Bingley in Hertfordshire. As usual, Mr Darcy cannot deny anything to her lovely sister, so she arrives to visit looking forward to meet Miss Elizabeth Bennet, a neighbour who has been mentioned several times in Darcy´s letters.

Elizabeth and Georgiana become “besties” quite quickly as Georgiana is in need of female companionship. Darcy is content for her sister as she is happy having a friend to share things with.

What we know next is Darcy coming back to London after a trip to Somerset where he helped some family members to manage their state. Darcy is always the perfect relative… yes and no, he totally cares about his family but he also needs to forget Elizabeth as he thinks he must do his duty and marry properly. As I mentioned, he arrives to Darcy House in London and he has a guest, his sister’s best friend and the woman he loves.

Fitzwilliam Darcy struggles as he tried to be polite but not too involve with his houseguest. However as the Spanish saying more or less says “with the contact, affection grows” and in this case Darcy cares about her and having her in his house it is a big torture. After some time, he realises that he is his own master and he should not care what other people thinks about his choice, he chooses love, he chooses Elizabeth. Here starts his plan to conquer her heart but we know how Darcy is, very determined but sometimes he does overlook the feelings of others. How is he going to react when there are possible suitors for Elizabeth encouraged by his own aunt Lady Matlock? How is he going to behave in a silly snow game? How is he going to react when Elizabeth disappears without leaving any explanation apart from a short note to Georgiana? How is he going to act when he realises that he is the only one to blame for her running away?

“I merely heard something that I was not meant to hear and it was not pleasant, and now I find myself rather disillusioned.” (Elizabeth said)

You need to buy and read The Houseguest by Elizabeth Adams in order to answer all this questions and see if Elizabeth and Darcy are able to find love together and if so, how are they going to do it?

“Would you like to hear about naughty little Lizzy, or troublesome Elizabeth?” (Elizabeth)

“I think I’d like naughty little Lizzy best.” (Darcy)

I would like to mention Lady Matlock as she has been a very nice character to follow and she is quite similar to Mrs Bennet in “hobbies”.

Here I leave you with one lovely dress. Why do I put this picture? Read the book 😉

red dress



4out5 stars

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Why JAFF is so great!?

Have a look at this nice article that tells us why JAFF (Jane Austen Fan Fiction) is so important and why we need even more!

5 Reasons the World Needs More Jane Austen Fanfic

I totally agree with Elizabeth Ann West on this matter but I will add another reason: the people involved in JAFF.

Obviously I have to thank the writers, they are absolutely amazing and creative. Taking as a reference, Pride and Prejudice, authors are telling us what if, what happened after the wedding, what happened before the wedding, they are meeting in different situations or they are taking the personality of the characters and changing the era.

I started reading JAFF books several years ago, thanks to Amazon USA and UK, I bought paperbooks, at that time mainly by Abigail Reynolds, highly recommended to read The Man who Loved Pride and Prejudicemy first JAFF book. Back then, I was not aware of the huge experience that the JAFF universe is nowadays.

However, my point does not only involve amazing authors writing great stories. I have been following JAFF authors, JAFF bloggers or befriending readers of JAFF stories and I have to say that I have felt extremely welcomed. Around two years ago, when I was commenting on blogs or groups, I felt like an invader because I could read and realise that they knew each other quite well and I was just a newbie. In addition to that, I started mainly on websites and groups with people from the USA and it seemed to me that I was the Spaniard living in England who “dared” to “invade” a new universe.

Needless to say, I was totally wrong, it was just a silly feeling that I had as I was just new in a cybernetic and “geeky” world. (By the way, I love to consider myself geeky, so please do not take any offense).

After participating on a few giveaways, I realised that the authors and the people behind some amazing blogs were just very pleasant and generous as well. I believe I will never forget the first ebook that I won: The Madness of Mr Darcy by Alexa Adams, a giveaway on The Calico Critic. It may sound silly but I felt really happy to win it, not only for the prize (a lovely and tender book) but for starting to be part of that universe. I have been lucky enough to win a few more books but what I adore above all on the JAFF universe is the contact with the writers and also with other JAFF addicts. Being able to write to authors on a post or on their twitter or facebook account is great! They answer you, you can give your opinion or leave a comment, etc. and it goes from “cybernetic”, that normally is related to impersonal, to personal and human.

I just want to thank everyone who belongs to this universe, and I have kept writing universe because it is vast and it is just great. Thank you for being so welcoming and for sharing so much with me and with everyone insterested in Jane Austen.

Keep being so awesome! Authors, carry on writing! 😉 and the rest of the people (readers, bloggers, editors, supporters), keep spreading the JAFF universe!

Thank you very much. Muchas gracias. 😀


picture of gracias

REVIEW of “Mr Darcy’s Rival” by Kara Louise

What would happen when you love someone but it looks like you are not the only one?

This variation of Pride and Prejudice is full of apologies, envy, wise people and love. If you enjoy reading about Elizabeth and Darcy but you prefer when Darcy suffers a bit more than in Jane Austen’s book, you will love Mr Darcy’s Rival.

What if a female character is the “baddie” instead of Wickham who is almost a puppet? What if Anna de Bourg hides her real self and her real feelings? What if the past helps the future just for reading it? What if Charlotte is as clever as always? 😉

Kara Louise has add a lot of intrigue to P&P but having always the main couple. SPOILER ALERT: at the end they marry but the important thing is: how do they arrive to that point? 🙂

Elizabeth carries on with her bad impression of Darcy’s behaviour and she lets her vanity again to be flattered by someone new in her life. Mr Rickland is not exactly what she thinks… at the beginning.

Lizzy still despises Mr Darcy, she believes he only looks at her to find fault, how mistaken she is! Elizabeth discovers Darcy’s feelings when she should not have, this makes a small change on her perception of the arrogant gentleman, but will it be enough to fall in love with him? No! He really needs to redeem himself of his faults but it is not easy as there are too hurdles to win Elizabeth’s affections. (Mr Darcy is so charming and sweet!)

After reading Pride and Prejudice, we already know the main characters, however, I have really like some minor characters who are Kara’s ideas: Mrs Brooks and Mr Jenkinson: with so little, they are really good assets.

What if you go and grab a copy of Mr Darcy’s Rival and enjoy this fantastic book?

I was very lucky to win a giveaway of this book. Thanks to Kara and Meredith for giving and organising the giveaway 🙂

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REVIEW of “Amelia Elkins Elkins” by A. M. Blair

I am used to read several variations or sequels of Pride and Prejudice every month and I simply love them. However, I found last months a very interesting book on a website whose author was giving her retelling of Persuasion free. Who can resist a freebie and who can resist a free of a retelling of one novel Jane Austen?

Amelia Elkins Elkins is a retelling of Persuasion from a contemporary point of view. We are not any more looking at the 19th century but the 21st. From my point of view, A. M. Blair shows a great variation of the love story of Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth but adding all the implications and “dramas” that we may face (well I am not in possession of a large fortune) in our lives.

Amelia is determined to save her family house after her mother’s death, complicated passing away. She finds out family “treasures” and the “black sheep”.

All the characters are very similar to the ones that Jane Austen wrote but in this novel with the 21st century turn. A like them or dislike them exactly the same. However, our Mr William Elliot, here he has a different name, is very creepy and a baddy (you need to read it to know his dark side).

You may think that I am missing one of the protagonist but no, I have not. You want to know how our Captain Wentworth is but I will only write that Michael is as loveable as Frederick.

“Please let me know”

You really need to grab a copy and read it, I only hope that you enjoy Amelia Elkins Elkins at least as much as I have enjoyed it. It is a really nice novel and you may enjoy also the description of all the clothes that Amelia is wearing ^^

In order to know more about A. M. Blair, go to her blog The Misfortune of Knowing or follow her on twitter A.M.B.

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