REVIEW of “Second Impressions” by Amy George

This novella by a new author that I discovered recently, Amy George, has a problem, it was to quick to read! I mean, I have liked it so much that I started in the afternoon and I finished before going to bed (I only stopped to watch the new series of ITV Victoria).

In my opinion Second impressions is a great title, as most of you may know, Jane Austen initially titled First Impressions for her novel eventually called Pride and Prejudice

Elizabeth Darcy left England to avoid Fitzwilliam Darcy but she did not want to accept the real reasons for her fleeing her country. She goes to America, to Boston to visit a cousin, a liberal and brash cousin, Emeline Poston.

After two years, where her spirits have not improved much, she decides to go back home as Jane, her sister, is pregnant again. Elizabeth decides that she has lost too much time of the lives of her nephew and niece and she will be with Jane when she has her next child, a daughter, according to Elizabeth’s desire.

Darcy has had a horrible year but he has not been himself for the last two years when Elizabeth left. He is tormented and he is a ghost of his former self. I will not tell you more but you have to see again the lovely baby girl on the cover picture *sigh* That little girl is key for the story and for lovely scenes!

We do not only have Darcy and Elizabeth as main characters, we have from P&P: Mr. and Mrs. Bingley among others, I love the development of Jane’s character, she is as sweet but stronger as well. There is a new character that has the leading role on the subplot of this novella, Emeline, as I mentioned before, Elizabeth’s cousin. It is an interesting character who gives a twist to the polite, well-behaved and conservative English society of the time.

I will like to tell you more but I will just write the spoiler that I keep giving in most of my reviews (stop reading if you do not want to know)


4.5out5 stars

There is a happy ending 😉 The important question is: how do they achieve that end??


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REVIEW of “With Pen in Hand” by Melanie Schertz

So far I have only read two of Melanie Schertz‘s books, although I have a few more waiting on my kindle waiting for me to read but I would need days of 40 hours! Apart from With Pen in Hand, I have read Darcy’s Continental Escape and I really liked it. I have liked With Pen in Hand, however, it is too sugary for me. Spoiler below 😉

Elizabeth and Darcy end up together and obviously that’s great but I was missing more misunderstandings between them, I missed a bit of difficulty for them to get together.

The book relates how Elizabeth saves her family after a fire destroyed almost all Longbourn. Elizabeth is in London and  writes books and earns a lot of money that she sends home for repairs and she provides a good education for her younger sisters. Every single member of her family is extremely proud and thankful and Elizabeth, keeping her name under a pseudonym. Elizabeth, with the help of his uncle Gardiner, earns even more money with investments. Elizabeth and the Gardiners move to a bigger house in a “better” place of London.

Everything goes smooth apart from an initial “pride and prejudice” moment between them but it passes very quick. The book is like a walk in the clouds, that is nice, but maybe too much. We cannot forget about Wickham, he appears and he is indeed mean and despicable but everything is resolved quickly and our protagonists carry on with their story.

It is a pleasant read with really nice scenes, I will recommend the ones about giving bottles of Port in exchange of dances or Darcy fainting… you need to read to understand!

3.5out5 stars

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(cover picture from Amazon UK)

Casting for “North and South” + Giveaway

A few weeks ago I was very lucky to win an eBook by Nicole Clarkston in a lovely blog, From Pemberley to Milton (you can also participate here on another giveaway of Nicole’s books on that blog until the 29th August). I was very eager to read that book as it would be my first North and South variation, I was enthusiastic and I have to say that Northern Rain did not disappoint me at all. How things changed for John and Margaret after a raining day!! I would like to direct you to my review in case you want to know a bit more about the book that you could win.

Talking to the author, Nicole Clarkston, she asked me if I would be interested on doing a giveaway and I accepted straightaway. However, what to do? I am normally only doing reviews and, although excited, I had not a clue of what to do in a post for a giveaway. Thankfully Nicole gave me a few ideas and I visited other blogs that I follow to see what people normally do. Even if the ideas were numerous, I ended up with the impossible: a casting to choose a new John Thornton and Margaret Hale!!

Please, stop cursing and throwing virtual stones at me!! I know that there is no one like Richard Armitage for the role of Mr. Thornton. I love his eyes, his stern look and his “Coming home with me?!” *sigh*


However, I would like to present you two possible actors to embody John Thornton and two actresses to play Margaret Hale if the film would consist only of a Spanish cast. As most of you know, I am Spanish so I am going to try to “convince” you that we can also have Spanish actors doing characters from English literature.  In addition, as you may not know these actors and actresses, you may not be biased or against them as it may happen if I go for a well-known person.

So, let’s introduce the possible cast:


I will start with the ladies that could play the role of Margaret Hale. I have to point out that it has been very difficult to choose two actresses for this role as I think Daniela Denby-Ashe portrays very well the attitude of Miss Hale.

My two options are Iris Lezcano and María Valverde. Both actresses have done TV and drama. From my point of view, María is better known in Spain as she has done more cinema than Iris. However, I know Iris better as she is a Valencian girl, like me, and she has been in a TV series that I love: L’Alqueria Blanca.

Here you have a couple of pictures for you to look at and vote for your Margaret Hale:



I believe this is the difficult part as Richard Armitage is the reference for almost any North and South fan. However, here I have: Álex Gadea and Miguel Ángel Silvestre. Both of them are also from my region and I would say that in different spheres, both of them are well-known in Spain. Both have done TV and drama but Miguel Ángel has done a bit more cinema than Álex.

Without any further ado, here you have a couple of pictures for you to decide:


You can check more information about these good-looking actors and actresses clicking on the links that I have embedded on their names. The sources of the pictures are at the bottom of the post. You may want to start following them and learn Spanish to follow their series or films, why not?!



We cannot forget that this post has what a lot of you are waiting for: a giveaway by Nicole Clarkson who is generously giving two ebooks of her last novel: Northern Rain.

northern rain    northern rainTo participate you just have to write a comment with your choice of Miss Hale and Mr. Thornton. Other comments or questions are more than welcome.

International giveaway. Open until the 1st of September at 12pm GTM. The winner will be announced on the 2nd September. Leave your email  adress on your comment following the example: anadarcy (at) email (dot) com

Sources of the pictures:

Richard Armitage – own print screen from the film

Iris Lezcano:  

María Valverde:    

Álex Gadea:      

Miguel Ángel Silvestre: 

Cover of Northern Rain –

REVIEW of “Presumption” by Julia Barrett

While on holidays back in Spain, after reading a Pride and Prejudice variation that I will review shortly, I went to the library and borrow a P&P sequel that I never heard of: Presumption by Julia Barrett. I have read it in Spanish and it was strange as I am used to read in English, however, I was looking forward to read this sequel whose main character is Georgiana Darcy.

Generally speaking I have liked this book but I need to say that it was a bit empty of feelings, I mean, Georgiana was trying to be very adult-like and sensible after her first season and she tried to be cool and she was determined not to fall for the first man that came across, however, eventually she does it. There is not true feeling at that point. Although after a while I liked the character as she is stronger and extremely loyal to her brother, as we know from P&P but also to her sister-in-law, Elizabeth Darcy.

As it is a sequel, we can see the “pride and prejudice” through other eyes, for instance a new character, Georgiana and Fitzwilliam’s godfather among other neighbours. I do not have to mention Lady Catherine, that again, is mean and a snob in the extreme. Happy point for her: she loses another chance for her Anne (this time it is a good thing!)

I do not want to spoil anything but I will point out that there are good parts to enjoy, for instance Mrs. Gardiner is even better than in the Jane Austen’s novel, mainly because she is a character whose role is a very important moment for Georgiana’s character.

I would have enjoyed a bit more of warmth or romantic feelings between Darcy and Elizabeth or with Georgiana when appropriate 😉


3.5out5 stars

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(cover picture from

REVIEW of “For Peace of Mind” by Leenie Brown

Love is in the air!! Love is all around!! John Paul John and Wet Wet Wet’s  songs’ titles  totally reflect this book. This book is about love and not only the love between Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. There is a lot of love to share!

I received a Advance Reader Copy in exchange of an honest review. I got the book some time ago but I made the mistake of not passing the file to my kindle and it was still waiting on my email. Fortunately, I found it, read it and I had a great time 🙂

When Elizabeth refuses to marry Mr. Collins, her dad decides that it will be wise to send Elizabeth to London with Jane… for his peace of mind.

There she encounters Mr. Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam during a shopping outing with Jane and their aunts. Destiny comes to show that they actually know each other but maybe not in person as Darcy does businesses with Mr. Gardiner as well as Richard’s father, Lord Matlock. Mr. Gardiner is well esteemed and respected and he has a extremely important role on Mr. Bingley’s success…

Meetings come along and I will just point out that the encounters are lovely and endearing not only for the sparks but also for the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner’s offspring. There is a little gentleman who takes care of “his Lizzy” and does not allow anyone to approach her. Mr. Darcy has a powerful rival or adversary that he needs to prove his worth to in order to “be allowed” to court her.

However, although the vast majority of the book is about happiness, love, teasing, friendship and family, we need a baddie, and who will be a “better baddie” in this story than the scoundrel and blackguard of George Wickham?? He is despicable, I cannot even start describing his role in this story!! Even if the “length” of his part is not very long, it is more than enough!!

Back to a happy note, I mentioned teasing, happiness, family, love and friendship because you will find a lot from the very beginning. It is quite refreshing to read Richard and Charles teasing Darcy and Darcy not being all serious, he starts from the very beginning to be a bit more open and later on the book he can be fun with answers to comment. What we can see is three male friends who even share a laugh or can talk a bit about their hearts. In addition there are some stories about the eldest Bennet sisters when growing up and being a handful, always within reason but not letting others, mainly boys, to underestimate them.

I will just recommend you to read this charming book where love is essential and friendship and family are key.

I will leave you with a couple of teasers:

  1. Lady Catherine can surprise you after being confronted by Elizabeth and being threaten to be loved against her will.
  2. A short dialogue between Elizabeth and Darcy:

“Why Mr. Darcy, ” she said, colour staining her cheeks, “are you flirting with me, sir?”

“I believe I am, Miss Elizabeth.”



4.5out5 stars

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(cover picture from her website)

REVIEW of “Still a Young Man” by P.O. Dixon

Still a Young Man: Darcy is in Love is one of my top 10 JAFF books with a what if about the characters in Pride and PrejudiceP.O. Dixon is one of the first JAFF authors I discovered and I have read most of her work and I highly recommend it.

At the beginning of the story we found Elizabeth marrying Mr. Calbry, one of her favourites, according to everyone who knew them, but he dies after six months. Elizabeth is sent away by her husband’s family and she goes to live with her newly wed sister, Jane Bingley.

Elizabeth shows herself as the perfect mourning widow during a year and one day, after that time, she wants to live again.

Mrs. Elizabeth Calbry is back to society with her sister and brother and she is the new “attraction” of the ton, a pretty young widow. Although she is not in possession of a fortune, she is seen as a experienced and woman in possible need of a man, maybe not to marry but to “share her experience”. This is how some so-called gentlemen see her, but not all of them. Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, Elizabeth’s brother’s best friend, is amazed with her and he wants to protect her even if she does not want him to do it.

Mrs. Calbry dislikes Mr. Darcy from the first moment of her acquaintance due to his words and his questions about her life and also due to the information, or misinformation, given by a childhood friend of Fitzwilliam. Everything she knows together with her own opinion, show Darcy in a bad light but that starts changing when Elizabeth sees herself entangled in a dishonourable event where she was going to be the only victim. Fortunately for her, Darcy keeps his own promise to protect her and he arrives just in time to avoid further harm to Elizabeth.

From that moment onwards, they begin spending time together and become fast friends, they share a lot of nice moments together and after Darcy saved her from that entanglement, he wants something back, he wants her to sped the summer at Pemberley, his house, with him and obviously with Jane and Charles Bingley. Elizabeth cannot deny him and she is happy to oblige, she is eager to spend more time with him. However, her feelings are changing and she is unsecure, he is a younger man and she is a widow. She can see the mutual attraction and she decides to offer herself as his lover just once. Unfortunately, this is quite common among the ton, widows sometimes look for lovers to have their needs covered. Elizabeth knows that she could only have Darcy as her lover. Eventually, when they are in Pemberley, she gathers all her courage and tells him to go to her that night. He is puzzled, bewildered but hopeful at the same time. He loves Elizabeth and he just wants her to feel the same for him and share their life.

As you already know, with this couple, nothing is easy or goes smooth. It will be very difficult to see them together but (SPOILER ALERT!) with a lot of patience, time and people who love them, they will find happiness but, as I mentioned, it will not be easy at all!

“You are mistaken. You know nothing about me”, she protested.

“What more do I need to know, Elizabeth… other than I love you with all my heart?”


I normally write now “what ifs” questions but I will leave you with that tiny bit of conversation and three important words from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice that came to mind several times while reading this book: Obstinate, headstrong girl!


5out5 stars

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REVIEW of “Jane Austen and the Archangel” by Pamela Aares

Jane Austen and her novels are inspiration to hundreds of people aroung the world: writers, bloggers, actors, readers, etc. Therefore we could say that she is a bit of a goddess or at least she belongs to the heavens.

This is the idea that I got after reading Jane Austen and the Archangel. What if Miss Austen, after having loved Mr. Lefroy but nothing else, would have been able to find love again? From our modern perspective you may think; who is good enough for Jane Austen? Darcy and Knightley are already taken and are her characters. What if I tell you that Jane can only deserve someone who is heavenly, pure, celestial, glorious?

This is what Pamela Aares is showing on Jane Austen and the Archangel. Jane, Cassandra and their mother have moved to Chawton and Jane is not able to write at all. She is worried about the fact that her inspiration is gone but another worry that she has is related to her friend Serena, she is very unhappy as her parents want her to marry a scoundrel when she is still engaged to a man who is MIA in Spain for two years now.

The other main character is Michael, the Archangel, he has been punished for being a bit of a naughty angel and he encounters Jane Austen while in earth. Michael Grace is the letter carrier and he brings all Serena’s letters to Jane. One of Michael’s powers is to know anything that has been written. (As you may imagine, this is a powerful tool to have in that period and with JA.)

Michael and Jane see each other a couple of times when he brings the mail and one day he is invited to go into the house for tea. This is an important scene as it is when Michael offers his help to find Serena’s fiancé, Darcy. The feelings are very powerful for both of them. Jane tries to deny her feelings, she considered herself a spinster as she is 37. Micheal has never felt that way in all his eons. There is a connection between them but the one who is against anything is Jane as she is too stubborn to feel as she leaves feelings to her characters in her books.

I will not tell you much more as I want you to enjoy this heavenly love story and discover all the perks of being an angel but also all the disadvantages of not being a man to be with the woman you love. Will Jane have finally a happy ending? Will Serena’s fiancé come back to her? Are rules always correct or are they made to be broken? Will Jane Austen write again in this book?

A teaser:

He wished he could put her ar ease, but he was a bit nervous himself. (Jane Austen and the Archangel)


4.5out5 stars


If you would like to read this book, you can buy it on Amazon UK or Amazon US. If you want to follow Pamela Aares and her writing you have several options: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Goodreads.


(cover picture from her website)