REVIEW of “No cause to repine” by Rose Fairbanks

Darcy and Elisabeth are now in the middle of a scandal and she accepts to marry him. It is true that in all the variations that I have read, they end up together, as it happens in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. However, this time there is more story, there are more people involved. Characters show more their personality, for instance Mr Bennet or we discover the ‘real’ Lady Catherine.

Darcy talks more and shows his soul and mind, it is something that I have really liked. Elizabeth is still ‘impertinent’ but she is in essence the same. She loves teasing exactly the same way as Jane Austen described.

The story is still about these two amazing characters but they are not alone. Family, friendship and love are the key in this story and the faithfulness to Jane Austen’s style is endearing.

I highly recommend this novel to the lovers of Pride and Prejudice and other variations.

Thank you, Rose Fairbanks for sharing your novel with me.

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Me, myself and I

I would like to use this blog to write about my vices and my weaknesses. I love reading any kind of fiction but above all: romance. I consider myself a “normal” person, with “common” hobbies. However, within my “normality” I enjoy discussing and I believe that I can share a great variery of ideas and points of views that other people may agree with or not.

I may write about the books that ,at the moment, I am devouring, or I may post pictures of lovely animals… I mean, cats 🙂 (Yes, I am, or I will be, a crazy cat lady)

I can share music that I love or I can share different videos or tweets that I like or find interesting.

My first post is called “Me, myself and I” because as you have read, I am just talking about myself. Firstly, it comes to mind the song by Beyoncé but also a blog that a friend had long time ago, right Leo?.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy posting new entries.

Ana Darcy