“An Unexpected Harvest” by Cat Andrews, excerpt and giveaway

Dear all,

I am very happy to show you this modern Pride and Prejudice variation. I am really looking forward to reading it because everything I know about it just tells me that I will definitely enjoy it. This variation is Cat Andrews’ latest novel: An Unexpected Harvest.

Have a look at it:

Elizabeth Bennet left her affluent New England home at the age of sixteen and never looked back. She’s built a fabulous life in Boston and loves everything about the city—especially her dream job as creative director at an advertising agency.

Will Darcy has never lived anywhere but in rural Stockbridge, Massachusetts. He lives the quintessential small-town life and loves everything about the country—especially his family’s farm, which he’s doing his best to modernize and return to prosperity.

When her older sister moves back to New England, Elizabeth reluctantly pays a visit to the hometown she left behind. Soon enough, the city girl meets the country boy and the insults and misunderstandings fly—but so do the sparks.

No one is more surprised than Elizabeth and Will when those sparks turn into a brilliant flame, and the 300 miles between them that once felt far too close suddenly turns into an unbearable distance.

The city girl and the country boy know a good thing when they see it—even if they don’t see it nearly enough. Can they overcome their greatest challenge and find common ground—and their happily-ever-after?


This novel is a modern variation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, but with a slight spin on the usual cast of characters. It contains adult content and is meant for mature readers.

I really love it, since the first time I read it, I cannot wait for the part “insults and misunderstandings fly”!!

I am glad to also have Cat Andrews for the first time in my blog as I still remember talking in the breakrooms with her in the JAFF Get-together last year. She seems like a lovely person, apart from a really good author. Let me introduce you to her:

Cat Andrews has always been an avid reader, but didn’t discover Jane Austen until her love of a certain British actor led her to the BBC’s 1995 production of Pride and Prejudice, because she just had to know—why all the fuss over this Darcy guy? What followed her viewing of that glorious miniseries was an inhalation of and immediate fixation on all of Austen’s novels, though Pride and Prejudice remains her favorite.

Her discovery of Jane Austen Fan Fiction opened up a whole new world, and thus began her addiction, and months and months of sleep deprivation, as she immersed herself in JAFF. After reading a modern Pride and Prejudice variation that she fell in love with, she was inspired to begin a cautious but earnest foray into the world of writing.

In real life, Cat has spent thirty-plus years working in healthcare. She enjoys life on the shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts where she grew up, fell in love with her own Mr. Darcy, and raised a family (and a three-legged dog). More often than not, you can find her at the beach with a book in her hand and her toes in the sand.

An Unexpected Harvest is her second novel.

There are to many places where you can follow her, and among others, the pictures of Cape Cod are great!

Contact/Social Media:

Website: www.catandrews.com

Email: catandrews.author@gmail.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cat_a_auth

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cat.andrews.583

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/cat_andrews_author



Thank you so much, Ana, for welcoming me to My Vices and Weaknesses! I’m so glad you are a part of the blog tour for my new modern Pride and Prejudice variation, called An Unexpected Harvest.

I’m happy to share an excerpt with you today. This particular scene takes place at Pemberley, when the relationship between Will Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet has just begun to blossom. When they find themselves caught in the rain, they take refuge in Pemberley’s barn, and the peaceful surroundings provide the perfect setting for them to open up a bit more to each other about past behaviors—in particular, their ‘Hunsford moment’—and future desires. I hope you enjoy it!


Will made a quick trip into the house and ten minutes later, Elizabeth was dressed in a warm shirt that smelled distinctly like the man she was cuddled up to.

I’ve died and gone to flannel heaven. 

Will had been a gentleman, leaving her alone in the tack room so she could change out of her wet top. He’d arranged a couple of hay bales against the wall for them to sit on, facing the goats. His long legs were stretched out in front of them and one arm was wrapped snugly around her shoulders as he pointed out the mamas who would soon be having kids.

“Do you name them?”

“No. Well, unless you count hey you, pain in the ass, and damn goat as names. Those are the three I usually use.”

She laughed and watched as one stuck its wriggling nose through the slats of the pen. “They’re pretty cute.”

They sat in silence for a while, occasionally laughing at the antics of the goats, but mostly enjoying the sound of the rain on the roof and the contentment of being close. Eventually, Will spoke.

“I’m curious about something. What made you decide to come here that morning? Especially since we’d already said goodbye.”

She sighed. “There were a few reasons, actually. I’d had an interesting conversation with Caroline the night I saw you at Wild Thyme. She thought you were interested in me, and could clearly see I was interested in you, so… I sort of chewed on that for a couple of days. And then when I saw you at the library… Ugh, you had me so confused. You were teasing me one minute and then annoyed with me the next. I couldn’t figure you out.”

“That’s because I couldn’t figure myself out.”

“But then you called me Lizzy.” She batted her eyelashes, and he chuckled. “It was a simple slip of the tongue.”

“Simple to you, maybe, but not to me. You might as well have shouted it at the top of your lungs. It’s so ridiculous, but it made me feel absolutely giddy. I remember thinking, I am the spoon.”

His eyebrows rose. “What?”

She smiled. “Never mind. Anyway, I had a long conversation with Lydia that night, mostly about my father… She mentioned something about having the courage to go after what you want, and that was the tipping point for me. I was supposed to go skiing with her and Jane in the morning, but I told them I had work to do, and I went to see you instead.”

“And I blew it.”

“No! You didn’t blow it, I did. The things I said to you—”

“Have already been discussed and don’t need to be discussed again.”

She nodded. “Never again.”

They spent a little more time in the barn, visiting with Skip and Barnum, and when she checked her shirt she found it was still mostly damp.

His eyes traveled over her. “Just wear mine home. It looks good on you.”

“I don’t want to leave you minus a shirt.”

“Do you really think I don’t have plenty of these?” His hands rubbed up and down her arms and then wrapped around her waist. “Take it.”

She grinned. “Okay.”

He kissed her and she sighed into it, already used to the remarkable feeling of his lips on hers, the taste of his mouth, the brush of his beard against her skin…

She leaned back, and he eyed her curiously as she touched her chin. “I don’t want to look rashy when we go into the house.”

“Are you okay with going in?” He lightly stroked her cheek. “We can wait until another time if you want.”  

“I don’t mind. It would be rude if I didn’t.”

“I don’t think so, and my parents wouldn’t either.”

I would think so. Honestly, I don’t mind.”

He grabbed his hat and coat, and she took her vest and shirt from where they were hanging. Before they left the barn she took a deep breath, inhaling the smell of hay and animals.

“I’m glad we stayed out here today.”

“I am too,” he said, his eyes gentle on hers. “We got rid of all the bad mojo.”

She felt a sweet surge of hope. “Do you think so?”

He nodded. “We already have better memories. I mean, there aren’t many, but it’s enough for now. That’s what we’ll focus on, until we have the chance to make more.”

Oh, just take me right here and now. “You’re awfully sweet, you know.”

He shrugged. “I just don’t want to think about the lousy stuff anymore, not when there’s been so much good stuff already. And not when there’s so much more to come.”

What do you think?? Don’t you love it? Her “off-thoughts” are very interesting and how sweet! I have definitely been able to picture all the scene in my mind, even with the “hey you” around.

What about buying the book? Here you have a few links:

Amazon US Amazon CA Amazon UK Amazon DE Amazon ES


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Cat Andrews is giving away an ebook of An Unexpected Harvest to one of the readers who comment. Please, specify which Amazon account you use (US, UK, CA, etc.) It is possible that only Amazon US users are counted but I will talk to Cat as I may be able to help with other Amazon accounts. Good luck!

EDIT: apologies for not having said a deadline before. The giveaway is open until Monday 21st of June at 11.59pm EST.

13 thoughts on ““An Unexpected Harvest” by Cat Andrews, excerpt and giveaway”

  1. Swoon! I love the romantic moments between these two! Such a fabulous book, I’ve already read it three times and I will continue to reread as I do Sanctuary!
    Please don’t enter me in the giveaway.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful excerpt and congratulations Cat on a successful tour and another fabulous book!

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  2. That was a bit funny, especially with the shirt and the goats! I think those two are giving out plenty of sparks. Thank you for sharing this excerpt, and for the giveaway I am in Amazon US.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I hope they come across as having some great chemistry. And oh, the goats! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I occasionally post some goat photos, just for fun. They’re so cute. Thanks Jen!


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