“Love Unsought” by Kay Bea

Dear all,

I am glad to present Kay Bea’s latest book: Love Unsought. Read below and let me know what you think of this book:

Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy seem determined to misunderstand one another, and after his disastrous proposal, both are eagerly wishing to forget their acquaintance. But fate, with assistance from Darcy’s scheming cousins, contrives to keep them together. 

When Miss Darcy is summoned to Kent, the couple has a chance to begin anew, and their budding friendship carries them to London and Hertfordshire. Their feelings deepen but before their new understanding is made known, Elizabeth is sent to Brighton as chaperone to her youngest sister. Her stay there ends in ruin when Darcy’s past comes to call.

Upon discovering the situation is worse than he feared, Darcy determines he must be the one to make things right. His departure leaves Elizabeth in doubt and their future in question. Was their love too new to withstand a scandal? 

A series of missed chances, misdirected letters, and miscommunications keeps the couple apart; it make require the intervention of their nearest relations to bring them back together.

What do you think? I imagine that you are not surprised about the misunderstandings, but what about the schemings cousins? I love it! and I hope you will enjoy them 🙂 What about Elizabeth going to Brighton with Lydia? You cannot imagine what is going on there!

Let me introduce you to the author of this lovely book.

kaybeaKay Bea is an administrative assistant and Jane Austen lover living in Kansas City with her husband of 26 years, her mother-in-law, and her fur kids. She has written several short stories and drabbles on fanfiction.net as “I Found My Mr. Darcy” and on A Happy Assembly as MrsDarcy2032.
Kay grew up in Wyoming, enjoyed a two-year adventure in Maryland, and now calls Missouri home. When she isn’t writing, Kay enjoys photography, cooking, and spending time with her children and grandchildren.


There is a prologue that goes five years before the main story and you cannot forget about it because there is the female protagonist on the prologue who will come back… unfortunately.
Then the story starts after the proposal at Hunsford and then the variation starts because they remain and later on Georgiana arrives. However, Darcy gets a set down because he is only thinking about him and it takes him sometime to realise his way of talking to Elizabeth.
Anne de Bourgh, Colonel Fitzwilliam and Georgiana help a lot as Elizabeth and Anne become fast friends and, let’s face it, having Fitwilliam Darcy telling you that he loves you… well, it is a very flattering thing.
These days together with friends are very nice to read, then it is time to go back to London and Elizabeth goes to her uncle and aunt and the friendship continues and Bingley comes back.
Back in Longbourn, Darcy has more than making Elizabeth like him or maybe more than liking, he has to “court” everyone.
The most stressing part comes when Elizabeth is made to go to chaperone Lydia in Brighton.
Spoiler alerts coming…
There will be a lovely happy ending for almost everyone but definitely for Elizabeth and Darcy.
I am only going to say this: Lydia, Wickham and Mrs Bennet are awful in this book. Unbelievable!
You may remember that I mentioned a woman… she is despicable, that’s why she becomes “friends” with Caroline Bingley.
I highly recommend this book, their love story is so beautiful to read and the friends who try to help them is lovely.
5out5 stars

5 thoughts on ““Love Unsought” by Kay Bea”

  1. I definitely have this book on my list! Thank goodness for the help from Georgiana and her cousins to hopefully counteract the nastiness of Mrs Bennet, Lydia and Wickham? Good must conquer evil?
    Thank you for this lovely review.

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