REVIEW + GIVEAWAY of “The Courtship of Edward Gardiner” by Nicole Clarkston

Today I bring you my honest review of The Courtship of Edward Gardiner by Nicole Clarkston and as this post is part of her blog tour, she is offering a copy of her book to one person. The giveaway is international and the winner chooses the format of the book, ebook or paperback. Read below the instructions on how to participate, it is really easy!

I was very interested on reading the courtship of Mr. Gardiner, the lovely uncle of the Bennet sisters and the one who, together with his wife, brought Darcy and Elizabeth together.

As usual I am going to avoid any spoilers for two reasons: 1) I do not want people spoiling books or films to me and 2) it will leave you with the need to read such an awesome book!

You may have gather already that I have immensely enjoyed this book and not only because it is related to Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I believe Mr. Gardiner and Mrs. Gardiner are two of the forgotten characters when it comes to JAFF but I can understand that other characters give more chance to write about.

Let’s start: Mr. Bennet has to go north to see his brother as he is quite ill and some things need to be done. He takes his two oldest daughters, Jane and Lizzy, two lovely little girls but with already the behaviour and personality that later on is told in Pride and Prejucide. Mr. Bennet’s brother-in-law, Mr. Gardiner travels with them in an attempt to forget his broken heart after being refused when he proposed to the lady that he thought was in love with.

The trip is thwarted because Jane gets ill and after the insistence of Mr. Gardiner, the girls and their uncle are going to remain in the nearest town to take care of the eldest Bennet sister. This town is a small but apparently lovely town of Lambton. However, even being their uncle, Mr. Gardiner, once Mr. Bennet continues the trip, needs a woman to take care of the little girls. Thanks to the owner of the inn where they are staying, they found a Miss Madeline Fairbanks, a young woman whose father is not a gentleman but who has taught his daughter to behave as a lady. She lives in the town and she accepts to help nursing Jane and taking care of Lizzy.

Here is where we have our two main characters for the first time. They will share a lot of nice moments, they will know each other better. He is a man in trade but close to a gentleman due to his education and savoir-faire. She, an only daughter whose brother is in London working, helps her father with the accounts and takes care of him who is suffering as he cannot read properly anymore. I will not tell you much more about them as it is very endearing and I think I cannot make it justice.

By the way, what do you think it may happen when one of the worst storms breaks in Derbyshire? What about having mainly one know-it-all little girl is actually helping two adults inderectly? What happens when a sensible woman meets Mrs. Bennet and Mrs. Phillips?

Apart from the adorable love story, I have really enjoyed reading about Lizzy and Jane when they were little. Moreover, as we are in Lambton, only five miles from Pemberley, Nicole Clarkston also shows us how Master Fitzwilliam, Miss Darcy and George Wickham were when little. It was very interesting to read how Fitzwilliam had to deal with George and how he learnt his principles , the same ones that would cost him quite dear on his first proposal years after to Elizabeth Bennet.

A couple of teasers, a quote and a picture:

“What prodigious care, and what maternal pride must this girl’s mother find in her child! The woman, Madeline was almost certain, had to be a wise, sensible creature to have borne such a beatific daughter.”






5out5 stars

Author Bio:

Nicole Clarkston is the pen name of a very bashful writer who will not allow any of her family or friends to read what she writes. She grew up in Idaho on horseback, and if she could have figured out how to read a book at the same time, she would have. She initially pursued a degree in foreign languages and education, and then lost patience with it, nicole-clarkstonswitched her major, and changed schools. She now resides in Oregon with her husband of 15 years, 3 homeschooled kids, and a very worthless degree in Poultry Science (don’t ask).

Nicole discovered Jane Austen rather by guilt in her early thirties- how does any book worm really live that long without a little P&P? She has never looked back. A year or so later, during a major house renovation project (undertaken when her husband unsuspectingly left town for a few days) she discovered Elizabeth Gaskell and fell completely in love. Nicole’s books are her pitiful homage to two authors who have so deeply inspired her.

Contact Info:

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42 thoughts on “REVIEW + GIVEAWAY of “The Courtship of Edward Gardiner” by Nicole Clarkston”

  1. I’m not sure her two sisters in law quite measured up to her expectations??? Poor Madeline! However the love she shared with her husband helped her to cope with them and also to help Elizabeth to deal with her feelings. Please don’t enter me in the giveaway as I was lucky enough to win a copy of this lovely book already.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think this couple is just lovely. They are not gentle-born but they have more politeness and status that some members of the ton.


  2. I hope we hear the uncensored views of Madeline when she meets Mrs Bennet and Mrs. Phillips?

    meikleblog (at) gmail (dot) com


  3. Oh my goodness, how could I forget that Madeleine has to meet Mrs. Bennet? She has a bit of a shock in store there. At least, she’ll be able to make sure that Jane and Elizabeth continue to grow up in their current well-behaved ways. Maybe that was thier Uncle’s influence to start with?

    I’m off to tweet now and will add the link in another comment.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Madeline did not possess quite the wit and sly confidence of Elizabeth Bennet when she met Lady Catherine. Still, it was fun to imagine her coming to realize that these women who “outranked” her had considerably less grace and dignity than she would have expected. That’s the whole point of being “higher-class…” right? Apparently… not.

    Where Elizabeth was content to behave graciously and chuckle only in her inner thoughts in LC’s company, Madeline was astounded into speechlessness for a moment. After catching her breath, she recognized that everyone has their foibles, and was able to accept her new sisters in all of their vulgar, kind-hearted glory. I like to think of a new wisdom growing out of this episode.

    Perhaps this was a stepping-stone for the level-headed, respectable way she later became acquainted with a very rich young suitor for her niece!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh! This is such a heartwarming,feel good,happy story that I absolutely adored!
    Oh! To think of Madeline having these thoughts of Mrs B!! Yes,a humourous and highly compelling read!
    Please don’t enter me in the giveaway.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. The more reviews I read about this book, the more I find to make me want to read it! Every reviewer adds a little more dimension or a snippet to what I’ve seen so far, and it’s very compelling.
    GinnaSayWhat (at) gmail (dot) com

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Firstly, I’ve just tweeted again but please will you take my name out of the draw? I’ve just heard that I’ve been lucky enough to win a copy of this book on Candy Morton,s blog.

    I’ll carry on tweeting for you every day though. Good luck to everyone else in the draw!


    1. Congrats on winning the book! You are going to love it!
      It is very nice and kind of you of keeping tweeting 😀
      When you read it, please let e know what you think of it. Mainly all the bits that I missed to spoil!


  8. Would love to read this one! Thanks for a chance to win a copy!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Pamh5230 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Liked by 1 person

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