REVIEW of “Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth” by Colette L. Saucier

Colette L. Saucier‘s Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth, the sequel to Pulse and Prejudice narrates the first year of marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy. What could go wrong?

Elizabeth and Darcy’s life after the wedding is anything but dull: passion, love and sex but also jealousy, love triangle, arguments and blood, a lot of blood.

Elizabeth and Darcy are totally in love but life is not easy when you are married to a vampire, even if he is the “divine” Mr. Darcy. In Pride and Prejudice, we get to know the strength and depth of Darcy’s feeling but quoting the author from Babblings of a Bookworm “in Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth, he repeatedly demonstrates both his passion and his possessiveness for Elizabeth as his new bride“, in DBE Darcy’s love is even more powerful and also scary.

Darcy supposedly does not drink from humans but he will protect Elizabeth at any price, he will do anything to protect her even if that is something that can cost him her love. I do not want to spoil this part of the story but I will mention that Darcy does something that makes Elizabeth rethink her heart while he is tormented thinking that she hates him. It is a passage on the book where Elizabeth’s thoughts are very unclear and her heart does not know what to do after that episode. Colette has describe Elizabeth’s turmoil in a great way and you can even understand Elizabeth’s internal fight, brain and heart opposed.

In the meantime, our protagonists receive the news that Mr. George Wickham has been killed in the war in America. Lydia Wickham, née Bennet, is destroyed but not everyone believes the news as Elizabeth and Darcy know that Wickham has the same condition as Darcy. Lydia is even more distressed as she is pregnant and she returns to Longbourn, her family’s home.

Before going to Longbourn for Lydia’s confinement, the Darcys are in London and Elizabeth is still healing her heart wounds and she starts drinking while Darcy is like a caged wild animal in his own house. Colonel Fitzwilliam, Darcy’s cousin, tries again to convince Elizabeth to go away from Darcy because according to him Darcy is dangerous but even in her state, she stays with her husband.

While in London, Darcy receives the visit of a dwarf, not a human but a dhampir (born from a human mother and a vampire father). This character did his first appearance on Pulse and Prejudice and now he comes back to put Darcy’s life upside down. He threatens Darcy with revealing his secret if he does not go to America to kill Wickham, as he thinks he will create a coven of vampires. So Darcy is forced to go but what to do? Elizabeth has just lost her sister after giving birth and she wants to go with him. Here starts the second part of the book because  to America they go but it is not easy, as a couple they are not back to normal sometimes and society there does not make their stay easy at the beginning. However, with the arrival of Colonel Fitzwilliam, now Mr. Fitzwilliam, as he has sold his commission and he is finally engaged to Mina, an English woman with a French title who grants them entry in society and invitations flow to the Darcys.

However, this arrival is not a happy one for everybody. A vampire Darcy with the love of his curse life gets to know the green monster of jealousy and the result can be very steamy.  Colette Saucier knows how to solve a fight with your hubby 😉 Although at the same time Darcy became very annoying, I wanted to slap him on the face!

I have not forgotten about Wickham, because they have cross the ocean to look for him, they find him but I am not going to give any details about what happens next because it is just incredibly awesome!

I will just leave you with a few questions to try to pique your curiosity:

What if you could not stop loving Darcy even when he is being a  complete obstinate headstrong and stupid man? What happens when you don’t want to accept your own fate but eventually it ends in an eternal love?



It is almost Halloween and I was doing a bit of google images research and I found this lovely necklace, I quite like it, a vampire’s bite…

5out5 stars

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10 thoughts on “REVIEW of “Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth” by Colette L. Saucier”

    1. Thank you for your words. I highly recommend it but remember what I mentioned, there are sex scenes all over the book.
      However, it is a very entertaining book.

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      1. As they are already married I’m ok with the sex scenes, I just don’t like it when propriety is not met 🙂 From your review I got the idea this will be a passionate and intense book with a strong Darcy 🙂

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