Winners of “Northern Rain” – Casting of “North and South”

Choosing a possible Richard Armitage, sorry, I mean Mr. Thornton is one of the most challenging deeds in this life. However we have tried and, you have selected Álex Gadea as his feasible succesor if North and  South went Spanish.

Miss Hale’s description in Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel is an interesting one, a  description from John’s side. Personally I like Daniela Denby-Ashe as she captures Margaret’s personality very well. If we would do a Spanish cast, Iris Lezcano has been the favourite.

Here we have my favourite cast of N&S from the versions that I have watched:


Here the casting that you have decided from the options I gave you. I must admit that Iris and Álex were also my first choices:alqueria diego anna

Without further delay, the winners of the awesome novel by Nicole Clarkston Northern Rain goes to: Pam Hunter and Sandra. Ladies, check your emails 🙂

Thank you very much, Nicole, for making this giveaway possible.

northern rain



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