REVIEW of “Second Impressions” by Amy George

This novella by a new author that I discovered recently, Amy George, has a problem, it was to quick to read! I mean, I have liked it so much that I started in the afternoon and I finished before going to bed (I only stopped to watch the new series of ITV Victoria).

In my opinion Second impressions is a great title, as most of you may know, Jane Austen initially titled First Impressions for her novel eventually called Pride and Prejudice

Elizabeth Darcy left England to avoid Fitzwilliam Darcy but she did not want to accept the real reasons for her fleeing her country. She goes to America, to Boston to visit a cousin, a liberal and brash cousin, Emeline Poston.

After two years, where her spirits have not improved much, she decides to go back home as Jane, her sister, is pregnant again. Elizabeth decides that she has lost too much time of the lives of her nephew and niece and she will be with Jane when she has her next child, a daughter, according to Elizabeth’s desire.

Darcy has had a horrible year but he has not been himself for the last two years when Elizabeth left. He is tormented and he is a ghost of his former self. I will not tell you more but you have to see again the lovely baby girl on the cover picture *sigh* That little girl is key for the story and for lovely scenes!

We do not only have Darcy and Elizabeth as main characters, we have from P&P: Mr. and Mrs. Bingley among others, I love the development of Jane’s character, she is as sweet but stronger as well. There is a new character that has the leading role on the subplot of this novella, Emeline, as I mentioned before, Elizabeth’s cousin. It is an interesting character who gives a twist to the polite, well-behaved and conservative English society of the time.

I will like to tell you more but I will just write the spoiler that I keep giving in most of my reviews (stop reading if you do not want to know)


4.5out5 stars

There is a happy ending 😉 The important question is: how do they achieve that end??


If you would like to know more about Amy George, you can follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

You can buy this lovely novella on Amazon UK or Amazon US. I was lucky to win this ebook in a great blog that you should follow, if you don’t do it yet of course, JustJane1813.

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