“Second Impressions” Cover Reveal from Meryton Press & A Giveaway

I think this may be one of my favourite JAFF novels. I really like when a few years have passed and they have been apart.
If you want to participate on the giveaway, visit justjane1813.com (a great blog to follow!)

Just Jane 1813

Good morning to my Just Jane 1813 readers, and welcome to the cover reveal for Amy George’s novella, “Second Impressions.” You’re going to meet some intriguing new characters in this story, as you meet up with Darcy and Elizabeth two years after his failed marriage proposal at Hunsford Parsonage.

Don’t you love the play on Austen’s original title for “Pride and Prejudice,” which was “First Impressions?” Of course, we know why that was the original title of her book, but what can second impressions mean for Darcy and Elizabeth in Amy George’s new story?

I love when we get to explore alternate paths that take them both a few years down the road after Darcy’s failed marriage proposal. Time, maturity and the ability to reflect on their past actions gives us two characters who are altered, and yet, fundamentally the same people they were when they met years ago in…

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