REVIEW of “Mansfield Restored” by Ronald McGowan

Mansfield Restored: Miss Crawford’s Return by Ronald McGowan tells the story a few years later after the story of Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. However he makes a change and in his story, Mr. Henry Crawford does the honourable deed and marries Maria. However they are outcasts from Mansfield Park and its residents. Julia is also persona non grata at Mansfield together with her husband Mr. Yates.

As you can gather from the full title, Mary Crawford is the main character, mainly because she is the key element for this story.


I have never really liked her; she is vain, opportunistic, capricious and a busybody. However, I wanted to give this book an opportunity and read how she becomes after a few years after all the event at Mansfield.

Mansfield Restored is made of collected letters between the characters, some of those writers are: Mrs. Bertram (Fanny), Miss Crawford, Mr. Crawford, Captain Price, Mrs. Price, Lady Bertram (not the one that you know, you have to read it), Mrs. Grant, etc.

Miss Mary Crawford has a task set: to reunite the Bertram and Crawford and Yates families.

Will she succeed? Will she employ her arts and allurements to achieve her goal? Will she be a different person? Will she actually want to do a selfless deed?

I do not want to give any spoilers, so I am going just to give you my opinion of this book and I hope you give it a chance. I have enjoyed these letters and the “gossip” and the plots going around between some characters and others. I recommend it for a change of perspective regarding Mansfield Park.

4out5 stars

If you want to read this book or more by Ronald McGowan, you could find his books on Amazon UK, Amazon US or Bookdepository.


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