REVIEW of “Swimming in Rain” by Heather C. Myers

Swimming in Rain is a modern variation of Pride and Prejudice written by Heather C. Myers.

I have liked this book a lot but I have to be honest and mention that at the beginning I was not liking Ronnie Bixby 100%. Marion or as she prefers to be called, Ronnie, is our “Elizabeth Bennet”. She is a 18-years old girl who studies a major in English Lit. She is a Obstinate, headstrong girl! but there are a few moments on the first half of the book where his stubbornness or misapprehension of Aiden Shawe (aka. Darcy) is not totally 21st-century-realistic. Heather C. Myers has tried to be as true to the text of Jane Austen as possible and twice or thrice I have found it a bit unnatural for the modern version.

Nevertheless, I have already mentioned that I have enjoy the book so I will tell you a bit about it.

Ronnie and her older sister Taylor are looking for a roommate and a lovely 18-years-old Hannah is the “chosen” one. The sisters became very quickly attached to the newcomer, she comes from England to study at UCI and she is as “crazy” as Ronnie and they share a lot of interests. Hannah invites them to a party at her brother’s best friend’s house. At the party Ronnie and Taylor meet Hannah’s brother, Aiden, and his friend, Stephen, as well as Stephen’s sister, Farrah.

Stephen has a instant crush on Taylor and he does not leave her side. Hannah and Ronnie go straight to the dance floor and enjoy themselves. When Ronnie stops to have a short rest, she ends up nearby Aiden and she simply ask him if he dances. He is apparently an arrogant stupid man that slights her with a no. She is furious but she tries to avoid him.

This party does not go very well as Taylor has food poisoning and Aiden is the one that has to take them home and Stephen quickly invites them back as soon as Taylor is recovered.

They say first impressions are not always right but here you have Ronnie and Aiden’s first impressions or each other:

Ronnie after a couple of encounters with Aiden she says:

This is all Aiden Shawe’s fault. I mean, I don’t like him. In fact, I loathe him. I hate him. I detest him and everything in between.

Aiden’s description of Ronnie or Marion as he always calls her:

Marion Bixby was the rudest, most ridiculous person he had ever met in his entire life and he hoped he would never have to see her again.

As you can imagine, their paths are going to cross more than what they wish for. Ronnie’s best friend becomes the girlfriend of Ronnie’s neighbour who used to have a crush or Ronnie. He is a bit of a silly, ridiculous person but Kelly likes him a lot. Paul is his name, he works for a Mrs. Solomon that happens to be Aiden and Hannah’s aunt. When Kelly follows Paul to the opening of the last art gallery that Mrs. Solomon has. Paul is like a teacher’s pet with her and the reason why Kelly is travelling with him is because Kelly needs the approval of Paul’s boss!! However, the important part of this trip is that Ronnie and Aiden get together again and a lot of very interesting and nice things happen, well not all of them. Here you have a couple of pictures to enlighten, or confuse you about those days that they spent together (I will ot tell you more because I do not want to make any spoliers). I will just mention that a karaoke can be a very funny activity when you have people visitin your Pemeberley.


More about other characters: there is a Wickham but he does not seem as awful at the end as he may be seen at the beginning. As you may have deduced, Lady Catherine is Mrs. Solomon and she is despicable and old-fashioned in a snob way. The rest of the sisters are Erin,  and the twins Kat and Megan. They are a handful but you may be surprised about who is who compared to Pride and Prejudice. Mr. and Mr. Bixby are quite interesting although they do not have a major role but I have to say that Mrs. Bixby at the end is even moving.

4out5 stars

If you want to know more about this young writer, you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter. You can also buy her books on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

I highly recommend the other novel that I have read so far by Heather: The Four Sides of a Triangle. I have not review it yet, I think I will reread it again for you to have a good review.


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