REVIEW of “The Juggling Act” by Carol Maloney Scott

This is my first review outside the JAFF world and I have enjoyed to read a romantic comedy, although it had more the side of romance or relationships than comedy. I received a copy of The Juggling Act in exchange of my honest review and I hope you enjoy it.

Carol Maloney Scott tells us the story of the married couple Claire and Brandon.

Claire: 38 years old, work in a publishing house, she has a sister, she is not able to have babies

Brandon: 30 years old, musician and writer, he was adopted and has a sister, he wanted to adopt with Claire

Brandon fell in love with Claire really quickly and he made a rush move when he promised her a family. Claire has the desire of becoming a mom and after a short period being together they get married and adopt a baby boy, Aiden.

Brandon works from home but he is not a househusband and he is always surrounded by women: their hot single mum tenant who brings her daughter Ruby to play with Aidan, the hot Russian nanny and the female singer of his band; Diamond, Tatianna and Zoe respectively.

Claire is super jealous of the two first women and how they go around his husband. Although there is sexual tension between Diamond and Brandon, he does not succumb to her.

Claire also has his “moons” gravitating around her, well just one but a powerful one, Justin. His work colleague who is very into her. To make things worse: he is super cute and super gentleman-like, obviously Brandon does not like it. (there is a lot more story before this trip that you need to know to understand better this triangle)

Turning point: Claire has a work trip to a lovely and romantic place with Justin.

Justin behaves, in spite his desires. Claire overcomes some fears but what she still knows what happens at home and it is burning her.

The problem with Brandon is that he tries to avoid conflict and if that means to wait ages to tell something to Claire, he will. It does not matter if it is something as important as an meeting with Aidan’s biological mum, or big changes with his band, or what is his book about, etc.

After the trip, Claire tries to overcome her jealousy and after a really good night and a deserved rest, she founds in her bed and bedroom: feminine underwear and a pregnancy test.

I will not tell you more but what happens during the trip and what happens after these discoveries is very interesting.

I have enjoyed the book and I will recommend to read it. I will be posting soon the review of Afraid of her Shadow.


If you want to know more about Carol Maloney Scott, follow her on Twitter or Facebook. You can also buy her books in Amazon UK and Amazon US.

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