REVIEW of “From Admiration to Love” by April Floyd

The only regret that I have is that From Admiration to Love by April Floyd is just a novella. I would have liked to read the admiration to love in more detail, with more encounters and more feelings before the nightmare.

My highlight from From Admiration to Love is Lady Anne DarcyI have read several variations where Mr. Darcy, the father, has an important role but I was missing reading about Lady Anne Darcy, the mother of our beloved Mr. Fiztwilliam Darcy.

Elizabeth lives with Mr. and Mrs. Bingley in a state that borders Pemberley. As Elizabeth is very fond of walking she goes to Pemberley grounds quite a lot. She has not seen Mr. Darcy since the day of Jane’s wedding and she only knows that something horrible has happened to make him and his mother mourn. The haughty Darcy is just “a shadow” of that man that picked her interest even when he was uncivil.

In one of her ramblings, she decides to refresh her feet in one of Pemberley lakes, she trips and she sees herself “fished” by some footman at the order of Lady Anne Darcy. The lady barely left her rooms during her mourning but from a window she saw Elizabeth in danger. Elizabeth is rescued and fortunately Mr. Darcy is not at home. I write fortunately because Elizabeth wants his good opinion. The following morning, Darcy encounters Elizabeth in his house! He sees how good Elizabeth is for his mother in only a few hours and his admiration, that comes from his time at Netherfield, grows.

During the days that Elizabeth stays at Pemberley, including visit of Jane Bingley, the admiration from Darcy and Elizabeth becomes love and Darcy is so bold as to ask:

“Miss Elizabeth, I hope you do not find my question impertinent, but is there a young man in all of Hertfordshire with any claim to your heart?”

Before their love can be continued at Pemberley, Elizabeth receives a letter from her father urging her to come back to Longbourn, he does not state the reasons but she reckons it will not be anything awful as he does not mention it.

Lady Anne and Mr. Darcy go to London while Elizabeth and the Bingleys go to Longbourn. Darcy will go to Hertfordshire to speak to Mr. Bennet after finishing in the capital city.

However, problems start here, felicity and joy stops in the novella to find: family mistakes, kidnapping, attempts to marriage without consent, lies, danger, frustration, threats, death, etc.

I am not going to explain more but the baddies are multiple and poor Elizabeth suffers a lot and she faces danger. Would Mr. Darcy save her on time? Would Lady Anne have another daughter to cheer her up and take care of? Would Elizabeth survive it all?

April Floyd has been so kind as to give copies of this novella to several fans. You can also follow her on twitter and you can buy her books both on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

4.5out5 stars

3 thoughts on “REVIEW of “From Admiration to Love” by April Floyd”

  1. Thank you for the review Ana. I have been curious about this author for a while and your review made me understand that I need to stop being just curious and read her works!! The story sounds interesting so I think I’ll start with this one 🙂

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  2. My sentiments exactlly; I recently left a review of this novella on Amazon making the same point. Well done, though it is, Ms Floyd certainly leaves us wanting more!

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