REVIEW of “Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit” by Elaine Owen

What if Elizabeth Bennet was civil on her refusal at the Hunsford Parsonage? What if Mr. Darcy discovers his own “guilt” without Lizzy yelling at him? How is he going to win her heart when she is “civil” and very polite?

Mr. Darcy´s Persistent Pursuit by Elaine Owen is a variation of Pride and Prejudice that has a starting point the first proposal. Here Elizabeth contains herself and the only thing that she expresses in order to show her dislike is the “not handsome enough to tempt me” comment.

Mr. Darcy quickly realises that there is more than that and as the book progresses he is able to see that she knows about his meddling with Bingley and Jane. As he is determined to win her, he flies from Rosings to talk to his friend. In the meantime Elizabeth starts having mixed feelings as his regards and her opinions about the man who has just proposed in a very annoying manner.

You need to read about a beautiful courtship in Derbyshire where Darcy can be calm and comfortable surrounded by his people, or may be not… How despicable is Caroline Bingley!! (I am not even mentioning what she did!) Once that “problem” is out of the way, Darcy shows how different he is from what Elizabeth thought that day at the Meryton assembly. Take into account that once Darcy is determined, he cannot be persuaded, even less when it comes to the love of his life who gives him hope!

“This is your final answer? Obstinate, headstrong boy! Very well, then I shall know how to act.”

I have really liked Mr. Bennet as he shows better judgement and a really good mood, always teasing but also very caring. I am actually a fan of Mr. Bennet and in every variation or sequel that I read I pay a lot of attention to his personality and his acts.

Do not forget about the baddy! Mr. Wickham obviously cannot be missing from this book and he is despicable!! You really need to read his letter explaining all his actions and reasons against Darcy (infuriating!).

The pace of the book is really calm but without being tedious at all, I believe it has the correct amount of descriptions and explanations. Elaine Owen goes to the point in every event or scene and she takes the reader to a paradise of Lizzy and William’s endearing love. Darcy is so lovely and affectionate that you will love his words and you will want to read more about his faults and how he atones himself for them.

There is a second part for this book, this time focused on Lydia and the consequences of her acts in Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit: Love´s fool: the taming of Lydia Bennet. I have read a comments on Goodreads and it must be really good.

This is my first novel by Elaine Owen but I highly recommend her and I have on TBR list Love’s fool and I may start reading fanfiction of North and South with her.


(picture from Goodreads)

4.5out5 stars

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