REVIEW of “Captain Frederick Wentworth’s Persuasion” by Regina Jeffers

Each lover has a theory of his own about the difference between thee ache of being with his love, and being alone. (W.H. Auden, “Alone” – Regina Jeffers uses poems or parts of poems in every chapter.)

I have to admit that I was really eager to read Persuasion from Captain Wentworth’s perspective because after reading Darcy’s P&P and Edmund Bertram’s MP, I could not wait until reading lovely Frederick’s account of the story: when he decided that Anne was his soul mate after arriving at Kellynch, his thought about the Miss Musgroves or Anne´s family, his almost extreme jealousy, etc.

From my point of view Regina Jeffers has recreated his thought well enough. However, the part that I have enjoyed more is what is not told by Jane Austen in Persuasion: what happens after the engagement?

Could you imagine Anne standing up to his father and Lady Russell? Could you imagine Anne being a bit cheeky when talking about Mrs Benwick with Frederick? Could you imagine Anne being secretive? Maybe you could but I highly recommend reading how Regina Jeffers has described her and how her personality glows when she is with her love, Frederick.

How do you think Anne deals with the life in a ship during war time? What happens if she almost loses his husband? What happens when she is facing a better life than she ever expected?

I like the way Anne is developed and obviously I enjoy the adoring Captain Wentworth and his undying love for Anne.

As you could have realised my favourite part is the sequel to Persuasion, this sequel is intertwined with the story by Jane Austen, Regina Jeffers starts on the same point as the original but mixes that story with the sequel. It is a good idea as Wentworth is thinking about his life with Anne while he is severely wounded.

I have read several JAFF books by Regina Jeffers and I highly recommend them, have a look on Amazon for instance and check the reviews, I will post reviews of her books as soon as I can. However, I have already reviewed one of her books that I really liked: Mr. Darcy’s Fault. I have read a few that I would like to reread but I have also taken advantage of her amazing sale for Mother’s Day and I bought three more that I did not have!

(picture from her website)

4out5 stars

11 thoughts on “REVIEW of “Captain Frederick Wentworth’s Persuasion” by Regina Jeffers”

  1. Oooh, this sounds great! I’ve read a book called ‘Jane Eyre’s Husband’ which is Jane Eyre from Rochester’s perspective, and it was really good. This is my second favourite romance and I’d love to relive it from Frederick’s POV.

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  2. I appreciate the review. I will add a link to it on my website on the “Captain Wentworth” book page. BTW, Wentworth shows up at the end of “The Prosecution of Mr. Darcy’s Cousin.” I plan a book that has Wentworth and Colonel Fitzwilliam continuing Wentworth’s work with the smugglers.


    1. I have not yet read The Prosecution, now I am even more eager to read it (as soon as I have time!)
      I have really liked the book but I did not know how to review it as I did not want to give spoiler with all your great ideas for the part of the sequel.

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  3. Just put what you wish. Add a warning of “spoilers.” People do it all the time. This review was a pleasant surprise after a long day of stormy weather here in the South. I have not been on the computer for hours. I have shared this on FB, Google+, and Twitter. Again, many thanks…

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