REVIEW of “Captain Wentworth: Home from the Sea” by Mary Lydon Simonsen

Persuasion  is perhaps my second favourite novel by Jane Austen. Therefore, I am always looking forwaard to reading variation or what ifs related to that novel.

The two novels that I have read by Mary Lydon Simonsen are about Elizabeth and Darcy (it is time to reread them and review them!) and I have liked them very much, for this reason I was eager to read Captain Wentworth: Home from  the Sea.

This version starts on the same moment as the novel it relates to: Sir Walter Elliot is forced to move to Bath because he does not have a penny. Anne stays at Kellynch Hall to accommodate the Crofts but the twist comes here as the Admiral and his wife are coming with Captain Wentworth as he is living with them… since he is not fit for the navy as he has lost part of his memory. He cannot remember a lot of people or places who have been in his life or where he has travelled before.

As you can imagine, if you have read Persuasion, Anne is unsettled at first but when Frederick arrives, they engage in a nice friendships that evolves into a stronger relationship where the Captain asks Anne to marry him as he is sure that she will be a good wife and a good mother to his children.

The Anne that we read about can be more selfish but not in a mean way, she thinks about herself and what she wants, instead of running off to Uppercross when her “poor” sister is ill or when (in this version) she is told to go to Bath because Mr Elliot wants to be with her.

Anne accepts Frederick without hesitation but she tells him nothing about their past. I am not going to spoil this short novel as it is worth reading. You need to discover what happens if Frederick recovers his memory, what happens if Lady Russell was not only once in the middle of their lives and what happens if Frederick is even more amazing in this version!

I would have loved to read 150 pages more!! Although I have just read three of Mary Lydon Simonsen‘s novels and novellas, I can state that I really like her style and her way of writing. I will reread When they fall in love and you will read about it 😀


4out5 stars


(cover picture from Amazon UK)


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