REVIEW of “Pulse and Prejudice” by Colette L. Saucier

I was eager to read this book not only because it is a variation of Pride a Prejudice but because it involves vampires.

I have to confess that I like the “Twilight Saga”, I read the books before watching the films and I liked Edward Cullen from the first page. However, I have always preferred the “proper” vampires that people discover with Bram Stoker’s Dracula and in my case, also watching the film adaptation  of Anne Rice’s Interview with the vampire.

I was pretty sure, without reading anything about Pulse and Prejudice, that our Mr Darcy was going to be a “real vampire”. I was more than happy to discover that I was right.

We can experience a different approach to this love story, where the passions are stronger and where the pain is sharper. Mr Darcy does not only fight the social status, he fights his own condition. He suffers more than Jane Austen’s Mr Darcy because he thinks himself to be a sort of a monster. However, Colette L. Saucier is showing all the time the man that he is, the human side of this vampire without heart, physical heart I mean.

Although with pain, I have liked to see the story from his eyes and his feelings. Not only towards Elizabeth but towards all the characters. I always enjoy Colonel Fitzwilliam, as well as Mr Bingley, the annoying Miss Bingley, Jane Bennet, Georgiana (we listen to her more in this variation) or the baddy Wickham, among others.  However, I need to mention Rivens, Darcy’s valet. He is a very important character working in the shade (I am very fond of him).


I cannot consider this an spoiler but just in case you do not want to know, stop reading immediately!

Love will find its way through paths where wolves would fear to prey. (“The Giaour” by Lord Byron)

The spoiler is that Elizabeth and Darcy end up together 😉  The important question is: how do they end up together? You will have to read this amazing book to know how Mr Darcy, Vampire, finds true love.

I want to thank Colette L. Saucier for doing great giveaways where her fans and Jane Austen’s fans can win her books. I also want to thank you because with all the poems that you use in Pulse and Prejudice (as the one I copied above), you have reminded me of a subject that I did in my English degree that I had a bit forgotten, poetry.

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5 thoughts on “REVIEW of “Pulse and Prejudice” by Colette L. Saucier”

  1. Reblogged this on my vices and weaknesses and commented:

    I wrote the review of Pulse and Prejudice more than a year ago. I have just re-read the book and I have liked it as much as last year or even more.
    Darcy’s passion is even greater in Colette’s version of Pride and Prejudice because it is not only his human pride and prejudice that he has to fight against.
    When I did that review, I was not using stars, I was still a newby on review blogging. I give five stars to Pulse and Prejudice as I think it is a very interesting variation of Pride and Prejudice.
    I want to point out that there are some scenes of passion and erotic content towards the end of the book. I know some people do not like it, so I do not want to misguide anyone.
    Read Pulse and Prejudice and enjoy a magnetic attraction between Darcy and Elizabeth. Then, go and read Dearest Bloodiest Elizabeth, Colette’s last release where you can find these lovely characters after their (SPOILERT) marriage.


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