REVIEW of “Mr Darcy’s Fault” by Regina Jeffers

I was so lucky as to win Mr Darcy’s Fault in one of the giveaways that Regina Jeffers has done. Thank you, Regina 🙂

What if Elizabeth Bennet does not read Mr Darcy’s letter? In this novella, the author has made me “suffer”. I was not expecting the things that happen after Darcy hands the letter to Elizabeth.

We knew Elizabeth was stubborn but in this text, she is utterly annoying, a bit obnoxious at the beginning. Do not get me wrong, she may be annoying for me but I have really enjoyed the reading of Mr Darcy’s Fault. The story has different turnarounds that join our protagonist or that separate them as well. Darcy shows his weaknesses, his hopes and his unconditional love. However, he surrenders too easily at Vauxhall gardens (you will need to read it to know what happens).

What I have also enjoyed is the appearance of one of the secondary characters that I like from P&P: Charlotte. Here, she is obviously already Mrs Collins. She is still strong and has her ideas clear. She appears in only part of the novella but it is enough for me.

In Mr Darcy’s Fault, Wills and Lizzy will make you devour the story of their peculiar love.

I have read a few of Regina Jeffers’ book and I higly recommend her writing. If you want to know more about this novella or about this author, visit or follow her on

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