Me, myself and I

I would like to use this blog to write about my vices and my weaknesses. I love reading any kind of fiction but above all: romance. I consider myself a “normal” person, with “common” hobbies. However, within my “normality” I enjoy discussing and I believe that I can share a great variery of ideas and points of views that other people may agree with or not.

I may write about the books that ,at the moment, I am devouring, or I may post pictures of lovely animals… I mean, cats 🙂 (Yes, I am, or I will be, a crazy cat lady)

I can share music that I love or I can share different videos or tweets that I like or find interesting.

My first post is called “Me, myself and I” because as you have read, I am just talking about myself. Firstly, it comes to mind the song by Beyoncé but also a blog that a friend had long time ago, right Leo?.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy posting new entries.

Ana Darcy

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